The Perfect Replacement: Stars Who Dated their Exes’ Doppelgangers


When you breakup with someone, rebounding is natural. We do it, as do celebrities. Funnily enough, sometimes, the person next in the line-up is a virtual replica of the ex. And that is seriously not okay! It’s a step backward and completely opposite to the idea of “moving on”. But it happens often enough and stars fall into this trap too! Here’s a list of celebrities who dated their exes’ doppelgangers. Read on and get the goss!


Rihanna’s turbulent romance with Chris Brown left everyone rooting for her to get over him. And we have to say, she tried hard! She found herself a “distraction” in Dudley O’Shaughnessy who appeared in her We Found Love video. But was it a coincidence that he looked like Brown a little too much? We don’t know. What we do know is that he couldn’t keep RiRi distracted for too long.

Kris Humphries

Following the most lavish public wedding of the century in 2011, Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian decided to part ways in 72 days. You would think that after all this, Kris would be done keeping up with the Kardashians for good. But he went on to date Kim-look-alike Fatmira Sinanaj who seemed to be treading down the same path as the reality-tv star. She already had a sex tape making the rounds too, in fact. But Kris is no longer with her now and we think it’s only healthy!

Simon Cowell

Famous reality judge Simon Cowell dated Hollywood makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy for quite a while. After they broke up in 2011, Cowell was soon caught up in a foursome cheating scandal that shocked one and all. He then got involved with Lauren Silverman who was not just the splitting image of Hussainy but also a married woman. When news of her involvement with Cowell became public, her husband divorced her and she then began dating the X-Factor judge. Let’s see how far this relationship lasts.

Reggie Bush


Before basketball player Kris was her beau, Kim Kardashian also dated football star Reggie Bush for a while. After they broke up, Bush soon began dating Lilit Avagyan, who like Kim, is not just of Armenian descent, but freakishly similar in appearance. The same dark hair, plump lips and curvy body; Bush clearly has a type. And get this, the couple went on to get married too!

Chris Brown

The RiRi-Brown relationship apparently had quite an impact on Chris too. After breaking up with Rihanna several times over, he briefly dated Jasmine Sanders. And guess what she looked like? Beautiful, striking eyes, caramel skin, full lips and a prominent nose. Sounds familiar? Sanders was clearly Rihanna’s doppelganger!

Charlie Sheen

The whirlwind romance of Hollywood’s ultimate bad-boy Charlie Sheen ended in marriage with the stunning Denise Richards. Then came two beautiful kids, followed by a bitter divorce. Even as Richards got a restraining order against Sheen, he wasn’t over her, or so it seemed. His next wife was actor Brooke Mueller, who we have to admit shares a great resemblance with his then ex-wife Denise! And unfortunately, this marriage was a failure too.

Alec Baldwin


The volatile Alec Baldwin seemed to have a great married life with Kim Basinger which lasted almost 9 years from 1993 to 2002. When they finally parted ways and moved on, Baldwin found himself besotted by musician and actor Lori Singer in 2006. She looked so much like Basinger that people thought he was back with his ex-wife initially! But the infatuation didn’t last long and Baldwin went on to marry Hilaria Thomas.

Hulk Hogan

The wrestling pro who has had an unstable career graph has the constant support of his wife Linda to fall back on. Their marriage spanning 1983 to 2008 ended when Hulk Hogan cheated on his wife, thus prompting the separation. He subsequently started dating Hollywood makeup artist Jennifer McDaniel who looks much like Linda! They are now married and we hope Hogan doesn’t mess it up this time around!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Though Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio is known for his disinclination to settling down with one woman, he has one long-term relationship to his name – the six years he was with Bar Refaeli. Once they split, DiCaprio got involved with a volley of models, each more gorgeous than the next, till he came around to Blake Lively. She has the same facial features, slim built and girly charm as Refaeli, but her dalliance with DiCaprio was much shorter. After they severed ties, Lively went on to marry Ryan Reynolds while DiCaprio continued to enjoy the perks of bachelorhood!

Ethan Hawke


The dream couple – Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman – seemed like could never be rendered apart. However, Hawke supposedly cheated on Thurman with their kids’ babysitter Ryan Shawhughes. Whether he couldn’t resist her was because she looked so much like Thurman is something that probably Hawke alone knows. Fact of the matter is, Hawke and Shawhughes are happily married now.

Prince Harry

Dating royalty is not easy given the baggage of excessive media scrutiny it comes with. No wonder Prince Harry’s relationship with Chelsy Davy at age 21 did not last long. But he may not have gotten over it for long since he soon began dating Davy’s virtual twin Cressida Bonas. The latter is the daughter of Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon, and was introduced to the Prince of Wales by Princess Eugenie. That relationship didn’t last long either, though the two are supposed to have parted rather amicably.

Matt Bellamy

The front man of Muse and effortlessly attractive Matt Bellamy began dating Kate Hudson in 2010. This celebrity couple even had a baby together but by 2014, their relationship was crumbling. When they finally broke up, Bellamy started dating beautiful model Elle Evans. Evans has a body and built very similar to Hudson’s, not to mention the same flowy light blonde locks. If Bellamy was heartbroken over his failed romance with Hudson, his dating choices certainly reflect the same.

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