The Perfect Replacement: Stars Who Dated their Exes’ Doppelgangers


When you breakup with someone, rebounding is natural. We do it, as do celebrities. Funnily enough, sometimes, the person next in the line-up is a virtual replica of the ex. And that is seriously not okay! It’s a step backward and completely opposite to the idea of “moving on”. But it happens often enough and stars fall into this trap too! Here’s a list of celebrities who dated their exes’ doppelgangers. Read on and get the goss!



Rihanna’s turbulent romance with Chris Brown left everyone rooting for her to get over him. And we have to say, she tried hard! She found herself a “distraction” in Dudley O’Shaughnessy who appeared in her We Found Love video. But was it a coincidence that he looked like Brown a little too much? We don’t know. What we do know is that he couldn’t keep RiRi distracted for too long.

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