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Totalfratmove describes themselves as being “The most dangerously entertaining Instagram in the game.” Fans will agree that they are highly entertaining. They take funny, cool, and exciting, mix it all together and plastered all over the internet! Their site, Twitter, and Instagram all have winning content.
Imagine a group of college kids having fun and getting real with no boundaries. That’s totalfratmove. Yes, it’s idiotic. Yes, it’s dangerous. Yes, it’s immature. But what did you think college was for? Learning?



Totalfratmove is known for their Instagram posts. So here’s a few of their best posts over the last couple of years!


Swipe to Sleep

He swiped himself to sleep

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Who knew you could swipe yourself to sleep? Someone sent in this clip of this poor man who was swiping left and right until he fell asleep mid swipe! Guess he wasn’t that interested either way.

Perfect Catch


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Most frat clips are pretty amateur. But this game of beer pong takes the game to an entirely new level. This group of college kids decided to play over the rooftops. Now, standing on a rooftop while drinking isn’t the best idea. But, hey, the fact that he made it is pretty sick.

Pogo Down


Life comes at you fast

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This is pretty much life in ten seconds. You’re just starting out. You feel scared but then you seem to get the hang of it. Then just when you’re feeling confident, you pogo yourself right into a sudden faceplant.

Bottle Flip Gold


Wow, first try. A post shared by TFM (@totalfratmove) on

For those who don’t know it, bottle flips are SUPER in right now. So, it’s no surprise when you see one pop up on your feed as everyone is doing them. But this has to be the best college bottle flip in history. Tip: Use plastic bottles next time.




Woodying your passed out friend. #TFM

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This makes so much sense. There are so many things you can do to a passed out drunk friend. But this one tops them all. Somehow procure an adult Woody costume and make him dance with his eyes open.


Never Grow Up


He’s still got it. #TFM A post shared by TFM (@totalfratmove) on

Who said seniors don’t know how to party? This older fellow here proves that he’s got better moves than any of these young folks. Age…means…nothing. This guy is cool!


Fillet It


Playing through the pain. #TFM

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Five Finger Fillet: the worst game ever invented. It had to be some 18-25 year old that created this game where the player must quickly try not to stab their fingers. Usually after an injury occurs, the game stops. But…maybe that’s just if you’re sober.



This guy is drunk…then he drinks some more…and then more. Fireball is intensely popular, but I think this guy is their biggest fan. Though he kind of just looks like a kid knocking over a grocery store display.

Couch Race


Making terrible decisions. #TFM Send your photos and videos to

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Who comes up with these ideas? These things always start with someone saying, “You know what we should do?” That’s why the receptionist at the hospital knows Jared by name.



It was probably “Princess” from our post earlier A post shared by TFM (@totalfratmove) on

Lookie here! We got a little Carrie Underwood on our hands. This is why you don’t mess with college chicks. One minute they’re chugging twelve beers and the next they’re slashing your tires, you dirty cheat!

Polite Frat


Uncomfortable Uber rides

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This clip is just sad. This guy is obviously on his way to a party and gets stuck in an Uber with a little kid with his Happy Meal. At least he’s trying to be discreet and very respectful.



Even the best fall down sometimes A post shared by TFM (@totalfratmove) on

If this video had no audio, it would be at a 4 for funny fails. Adding Collide to the background puts it at…at least a 9. This can seriously happen to anyone, so the victim shouldn’t feel too bad.

Fight with a Vamp



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The post hints that it’s a hickey. But unless you’re dating a vampire…an evil vampire, then this simple isn’t possible. So, it’s more than like that this was some sort of twisted initiation. Or…he fell down the stairs?

Let’s Go


I don’t know what’s going on here but I think this is my new favorite video? A post shared by TFM (@totalfratmove) on

No one really knows what’s going on in this video. But we do know that it includes one very happy drunk and another rather angry woman who could be any level of sobriety. However, things get way too real, way too fast!

In Style


I need frat because my clothing would be out of date by 60 years without it. #WhyWeNeedFrat #TFM

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A little while ago totalfratmove started a movement where people shared why they needed frat. One of the best responses let us in on how frat had given him style tips. Thanks FRAT!



I need frat because my narcissism should be encouraged, not looked down upon. #WhyWeNeedFrat #TFM A post shared by TFM (@totalfratmove) on

Another post from that campaign really put things into perspective. But hey, frats know what they’re doing and they do it anyway. Props for sharing the truth and carrying on like nothing happened.



I need frat because otherwise my alcoholism wouldn’t look so fun. #WhyWeNeedFrat #TFM

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I hear that the frat boys are starting a new group called AU…alcoholics unanimous. For all the things that they promote this one is the most obvious. Yet somehow this post is funny.

How Bout Dat?


I need frat because I could never win a one on one fight. #WhyWeNeedFrat #TFM A post shared by TFM (@totalfratmove) on

The best part about frats is you never have to be alone. Someone mess with you? The guys are there. You’re in this together.

Gang with Us


I need frat because upper-middle class people can’t join a gang. #WhyWeNeedFrat #TFM

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There are certain classes that are banned from gangs. Those people form those classes belong in a different type of gang. So, in reality, fraternities are just first class gangs.


Although their Instagram is where it’s at, totalfratmove’s home site shares some really great stuff too.

Oh Deer


This deer knows what’s up. The days of vandalizing old statues are over. Someday these guys will be able to say, “I harassed taxidermist’s deer heads before it was cool.”

Pic Win


Seriously, this kid is going places. When you want to look good in your picture but still want to be comfortable, all you have to do is keep the upper torso spiffy.

Today’s Convo


This is way too real. How many people have had this exact conversation on a regular basis? Sometimes there’s really nothing to say but you still want to talk. So you keep saying “How are you?” and “Good” until one of you stops answering. 

Grandma Worries


Yeah, what happens at college should stay at college. When you act like a frat boy at home, you risk giving your dear grandma a heart attack.



You really can’t stop looking at this photo. The longer you stare, the weirder it gets. It’s so mesmerizing yet so disturbing. I don’t even know what life is anymore…

Bonus Twitter Post: Sand


Totalfratmove’s Twitter isn’t meant for sharing the boss content on their other pages, but it still has a few gold pieces. Like this tweet that is the epitome of your “high” thoughts. At the time, you think you’re a true philosopher. 

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