I Think It’s Time to Leak Some Fake News


For centuries, so-called conspiracy theories have been “created” by those who want more answers in life. They are labeled as crazy or undereducated. But did you know that the term “conspiracy theorist” was popularized by the CIA to stop the more intelligent population to stop asking questions? It was used to threaten those questioning the government’s intent and secret programs. To many, these theories we hear about on a regular basis are disregarded as nonsense to others they are as concrete as CNN. So I think it’s time to shed a little light on the stories most are too afraid to tell.


Avril Lavigne is Dead



This one first surfaced a few years ago but resurfaced again last week as a Twitter post went viral once again. It is widely believed that Avril Lavigne committed suicide in 2003 after her grandfather died. Because of her popularity, her best friend, Melissa Vandella was hired to take her place under Avril’s name. It is said that “Under My Skin” was Mellissa’s first album. Coincidence? 

The Beatles Aren’t Real



Many believe that Paul McCartney died way back and was replaced by the band. But what if John, Paul Ringo, and George never existed as you know them? There are entire websites that were created for the sole purpose of bringing this to light. It is said that tens of men, possible hundreds, posed as one of these four “Beatles.” But there were no real Beatles. They were simply a band that was created by record labels to sell records.

Beyoncé was Never Pregnant



Out of almost every celebrity, Beyoncé is probably the most mysterious and holds the most secrets. For starters, it is believed that she faked her 2011 pregnancy. There’s even a video to prove it. Another news story that needs to be told is that she kidnapped the talented Sia to write her song lyrics. Oh, yeah, and she’s lying about her age and is actually Solange’s mother.

Trump’s Hair Holds Many Secrets



This one is a tossup between many things. But, no… it is not a weave, so I will have to shut that silly conspiracy down. However, two theories are more well-rounded. One: it’s an alien spider that is sucking out Trump’s intelligence. Two: It’s a comb over to cover a flap surgery scar. This would mean chunks of his scalp were cut away and those producing hair were sewed together. 

White Genocide on the Rise



White genocide is a white nationalist belief that mass immigration, integration, miscegenation, low fertility rates and abortion are becoming increasingly popular for the sole purpose of getting rid of the white population for good. Yes, the secret is out. Abortion was created to make Caucasians extinct.  

Miley Cyrus was Killed by the Disney Channel



We’ve all seen a change in Miley Cyrus over the years, but do you know why? Turns out, after turning down advances from Disney execs, she was murdered and buried in the desert. Shortly after the coverup, videos appear of her apologizing for accusing the execs of harassment. It seems she was replaced. By who? We still don’t know.

Digital TVs are Being Used by Spies



Since the release of TVs with cameras, mics, and other accessories, people have been onto the government. They believe that the government is constantly watching us through these TVs and webcams. In the future, this could lead to unexplained arrests and even mind control.

There are No “Incurable” Diseases



What? This may seem unbelievable, but there is word that doctors and scientists have found the cure to all disease. Why haven’t they shared it? Because if they did many of them would be out of the job. This may seem sick, twisted, and downright crazy. But hey, does it really surprise you?

9/11 was an inside job



Most people believe that Osama Bid Laden’s Al-Qaeda issued the attack of the kamikazes. But others are sure that they know the truth. The 9/11 attack was either made to happen or let happen by the US government. No one knows the reasoning, but there’s a good chance it was to turn the American people away from people like those from Al-Qaeda.

The Illuminati Have Ultimate Power



The Illuminati are a little-known group of highly intelligent, highly skilled group of individuals who have control over the entire world, or at least those who don’t believe in them. Most people believe that the Pope, Barack Obama, Beyoncé, and more are part of this group. In the end, they hope to rule the world, or end it. Remember the members I listed are just theories. 

Queen Elizabeth is a Cannibal



Yes. There isn’t much to say about this, but rumor has it the Queen of England is a cannibal. Many believe that the reason she has lived past 90 is that she’s been feeding off of human flesh. Although she isn’t a human cannibal, but a lizard-like alien cannibal.

All of our Water is Tainted with Fluoride



This is believable to anyone. With all of the chemicals and inorganic substances going into our systems, this one is hardly threatening, right? But, there are two suggestions here. One: this fluoride is causing cancer. Two: it’s being used by governments to control the world.

Finland Doesn’t Exist



Yeah, happiest people in the world? Best internet in the world? That can’t be a real country. Legend is that Finland is actually just a body of water that is used by Russia and Japan to transport Nokia products and fish freely. People who are from “Finland” actually live in Eastern Sweden. Happiest people in the world? Best internet in the world? That can’t be a real country. 

Chemtrails Are Poisoning Us



You know those streams that you see in the air that follow airplanes? Well, turns out they are actually chemicals that are intentionally polluting the air and causing diseases. Is this a government scam to get more money from hospitals? Or is this simply a United Airlines trick?

The Moon is Fake



You’ve probably heard the theory that the moon landing was fake back in 1969. I’m here to say that it wasn’t fake. Actually, there is word that the entire moon is a fake shell that is actually an alien spaceship. Not a Death Star though.

Stevie Wonder Isn’t Blind



After all, how do you expect him to be such a good singer if he’s blind? Really? It’s obvious, he’s not blind! Further evidence suggests either ninja skills or sight. With this evidence, we wonder could Beethoven also hear?

The Titanic was Insured



There are many suggestions as to what happened to the Titanic. One suggests that it was set sail with every intention of “sinking.” Then, it was switched with a similar ship called the “Olympic.” It was less valuable, but when it was believed the Titanic sunk, the owners received a hefty sum from their insurance company.

Taylor Swift is Zeena LaVey



This one might be hard to swallow, but its time that word is spread. Take a look at Taylor Swift, and at former Satanic leader Zeena LaVey. Look familiar? It is believed that she is either the daughter of Zeena, created from her DNA, a reincarnation, or a never-aging witch. You be the judge.

The Middle Ages Didn’t Happen



The bottom line of this theory is that the year you think is 2017 is actually 1717. That’s because it is believed the Middle Ages, a span of about 300 years, never existed. It was simply a fabricated story, and this is the basis of all medieval fantasy stories. Happy 1717 everyone!

The Ice Bucket Challenge is Satanism Recruitment



Yeah, remember that Ice Bucket Challenge meant to raise awareness for ALS? The rumour is it was actually a ritual that was meant to recruit Satanists and turn others over to the dark side. The challenge was said to be a baptism of sort. 

Nothing is Real



So, maybe some things are real. But there are many suggestions that everything we know is not as it seems. One of the most popular theories is that we all suffer from Last Thursdayism. This would mean that either the world was created last Thursday or that our memory is wiped away and replaced every Thursday. Can you come up with any reason why everything you know right now isn’t a fake memory fabricated by your mind?

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