16 Crazy Sport Images Taken at the Right Time… To Give us a Laugh


Ever wonder how photographers manage to snap those perfectly timed photos? In all honesty, me too. I’m guessing the secret sauce must be a fine blend of patience, skills and a whole lot of luck. Well, the luck part might be questioned by some participants, but you know what they say – one man’s loss is another man’s gain.


Can You Walk on Water



This insane picture of speedboat Jesus was taken during a Budweiser Drag Boat Nationals. Faint of heart readers will be happy to learn that the gentleman in the picture survived the crash with nothing more than a fractured pelvis.

Selfie Shot



It’s not every day you get to take a selfie at a baseball practice game and get your head nearly wiped off by a stray ball. This is just what happened to Kelly Nash, a sports reporter, visiting a practice game at Fenway Park. Apparently, Nash had the “Angels in the Outfield” movie with her, which she joked had saved her from a less pleasant experience.

Too Much Strength



Staying on the topic of baseball, not everybody gets to be so lucky at the stadium. The ‘break a leg’ idiom took a whole new spin when the Atlanta Braves pitcher, Dan Winkler, literally broke his arm while throwing a pitch. Good thing I’ve never been able to throw a fastball, I like my elbows just fine, thank you.

Oh look, a penny!



This unfortunate biker’s picture, taken on a 2008 downhill track in Bromont, went viral on the Internet with a caption ‘Oh look, a penny’.  Seriously, look it up – the phrase, along with dozens of pictures taken at rather unfortunate moments, is bound to give you a morbid laugh.

I Dare You



Ask any martial arts coach and they will tell you that it’s absolutely fundamental to keep your guard up. I guess Anderson Silva, being a UFC Middleweight Champion and all, thought this rule didn’t apply to him. Hopefully de Silva learned his lesson, and we got this lovely picture of Chris Weidman knocking him out at a UFC fight.

How Do I Look, Guys?



Let’s take a short break from all the horrific photography to spend an equally entertaining moment with Ivana Spanovic, a Serbian long jumper, caught on camera whilst enjoying her appearance at the IAAF Diamond League meeting. Although Spanovic lost to the reigning champion, Okagbare, she definitely won the hearts of the audience.

Super Slow-Mo to the Dome



Apparently this picture of Giulia Gorlero, Italy’s water polo goalkeeper, getting hit in the face with a ball, is making its rounds on the Russian side of the Internet. Now I’ll leave the judgement to you, but I’ve heard people say she looks like Russia’s beloved (by some, at least) president, Vladimir Putin.

What an Effort!



On topic of people making faces, take a look at Christina McHale during her second round match against Caroline Wozniacki at the Australian Open tennis championship. Imagine people at your office showing the same passion when finishing up typing their reports… I’m sure the management would be thrilled.

Wait, I Got This!



Soccer has definitely gathered its share of controversy over the years with players faking injuries to get the referee signal a foul. Seeing Lazio’s Miroslav Klose giving a wedgie to AC Milan’s Cristian Zaccardo, however, makes me think that the players do get their portion of suffering on the field.

Kung Fu Panda



Speaking of soccer players faking injuries, one of the most prominent figures in that regard is definitely Cristiano Ronaldo.  You can’t deny Ronaldo’s dedication though, as evidenced in this picture of him saving the ball during a Spanish league game against Getafe at Alfonso Perez stadium.

I am the Flying Torrero



Bullfighting has always enjoyed unabated media attention. However, it seems that lately it has been focused on the inhumane aspect of the sport. This is probably one of the reasons why Recortadores, a bloodless type of bullfighting, is gaining popularity. I must say, at first glance it does seem to be more of a sport and less of animal slaughter. Nice job, Spaniards.

Speed Skating or Celebrating Defeat?



New ice dancing competition at the Winter Olympics? Nope, it’s just the men’s 1500m short track speed skating finals. The men in the back, sharing this unfortunate, yet memorable moment, are J.R. Celski of the U.S.A. and Chen Dequan of China, who still managed to finish 4th and 5th, respectively. Good for you, gentlemen.

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, it’s a Surfer!



Ever wondered what it’s like to fall from a 5-storey building? You can ask Tom Dosland, the hero behind what is now a world-famous wipeout (a surfing term for stepping off the board). Dosland, who experienced the fall at the Volcom Pipe Pro competition, walked away uninjured. “I’m just happy to be alive”, he noted, which I think is the best summary of the event.

Look at this Kick



If you came here looking for a picture of a perfect roundhouse kick to the liver, look no further. The image of these two gentlemen duking it out in an MMA fight is exactly the reason why I’d rather play a wise guy on the Internet than actually hit a gym. Well, that and the fact I’m lazy.

But They Say It Was Safe!



Last time I checked, go-karts weren’t supposed to go flying. In all honesty, I haven’t seen this picture before, so I might not have had the full picture. Also, look at that joker on the road waving back to the Flying Dutchman. The nerve on that guy.

The Upside Down Flying Cars



Since we’re on the topic of vehicles and their drivers denying gravity, let’s also take a look at this car in what seems to be a tournament held in Australia. Jokes aside, this serene picture of a Renault Clio hovering gently above ground is a foretaste of a rather unpleasant realization that Newton’s law of universal gravitation is not to be meddled with.

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