26 Useful Dollar-Store Finds That Will Make Your Life Easier


Parenting is not easy and keeping up with kiddie expenses is pretty darn hard. From the clothes and the toys to their education and health, everything puts a dent in the pocket. So, to make your life slightly easier, here’s a list of some goods right from the dollar store – they are inexpensive, effective tools to help you and your child enjoy life better.

DIY Baby Leg Warmers


Buy a pair of colourful tube socks and turn them into cute baby leg warmers by snipping off the closed end.

There are some great American doll accessories in the Dollar Store toy section. These could function as your kid’s miniature play sets instead of regular expensive tea sets, kitchen sets, etc.

Playing Cards’ Storage


The plastic soap cases make for ideal cases in which to store playing cards. No more cards strewn on the floor, no more cards lost!




Stock up on knick-knacks and small toys as rewards for your kids. When they do something nice and appreciable, whip out one of these and make them happy!

Art Supplies’ Organizers


Use a combination of plastic cups and a muffin tray to store your kids’ art supplies in a fuss-free way.

You want your kid to enjoy and look forward to bathing? Put in some glow-sticks into the tub and you have yourself some awesome bath toys that didn’t cost much!


Keep your kids from losing pens, pencils, erasers and more but storing them conveniently in mini-buckets.

Baskets for Stray Toys



Kids love to drag their toys all across the house. So place Dollar Store baskets all over the house where they can plonk their stray toys.

Clean Beach Bags


When going to the beach, swap your beach bags with mesh laundry bags for storing your kids toys, clothes, etc. This way loose sand won’t trickle into the house with all the stuff.

Straws’ Holder


If you go out often and find yourself scrounging for plastic straws for your kids to drink up, start carrying then in Dollar Store tooth brush holders from.

Car Trash Cans



Take old cereal cartons, line them with garbage bags and use them as trash cans for your car. Your kids can litter without worry now.

Low-Cost Ice Packs


Freeze wet sponges to create low-cost ice packs that’ll come in handy in your kid’s lunch boxes.

Keep all your kids’ stuff neat and organized by arranging it on a shoe holder hung at the back of the car’s driver/passenger seat.

Toiletries Organizer



Use a Dollar Store utensils tray for organizing your kids’ toiletries in the bathroom.

Hair Accessories Storage


Girls tend to lose their clips and hair-ties more often than ever. Keep them all stored handily in crafts boxes to prevent them disappearing mysteriously.

Neat Craft Sessions


Prevent huge messes by placing plastic table cloths on surfaces before your kids’ begin with their arts-and-crafts activities.

Magnetic Toys Storage



Keep your kids’ magnetic toys well-organized by attaching them to inverted pizza trays hung on the wall.

Instruction Boards


Use small white boards as instruction boards to leave directives for your kids to follow. Say good-bye to flimsy post-its.

Baby Stuff Storage


Keep all baby kitchen items like sippy cups and food jars in plastic mesh containers. Store these in one shelf or drawer for easy access whenever you need them.

Window Art



Buy Dollar Store frames and have your kids gets artsy using glue and food colouring. Display them against a window for beautiful patterns when the sun is out.

Outdoor Supplies Manager


Use Dollar Store plastic mesh tubs for storing outdoor supplies your kids tend to lose often like chalks, dusters, canisters, etc.

Arts Travel Kit


Use plastic-lid food-storage containers to create a travel kit of art supplies for your kid. No spills, no lost markers, no bored child!

Homework Organizers



Find it hard to keep your kids’ files and folders neat. Use dish racks for easy storage and they’ll never lose any homework again.

Crayon Holder


Popsicle trays can double up as convenient crayon holders for your kids’ desk. Sort them by shade so it looks pretty too!

Crib Rail Cover


Secure your baby by putting a soft, cushy crib rail covers. A pool noodle will do the trick and the Dollar Store is where you’ll find a low-price option.

Car Food Holder



Help your kids’ avoid making messes in the car by carrying their food in plastic mesh containers from the dollar store.

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