New-Age Granny Pods – Brilliant Alternatives to Old Age Homes


Any individual with elderly parents would agree to the fact that, while they are constantly plagued by concern regarding their wellbeing, modern lifestyles often make it difficult to ensure as much. Urban living spaces are getting more and more compact, often barely sufficing for a small nuclear family alone. Unsurprisingly then, old age homes become an unappealing yet necessary recourse for numerous senior citizens.

Reverend Ken Dupin thus embarked upon a mission to find better models of assisted living for the elderly. And so came along the concept of the “Granny Pods”; tiny homes for aged individuals to be stationed in the backyards of their families’ houses. Officially termed as MedCottages, Reverend Dupin worked on a design concept that assures comfort and convenience for the resident(s) and peace of mind as well as privacy to their family.

The first ever MedCottage was built by the Reverend’s team as a 12×24 foot house, which looked exactly like a backyard house. Some of its wonderful features deserve a special mention. It has a bed room with sufficient space for a caregiver to reside, a small kitchen with a fridge, microwave and medicine dispenser and a spacious bathroom that is handicapped accessible. The supply of water and electricity is connected to that of the main house; hence, no new connections and bills. The best feature perhaps is the installation of webcams across the Granny Pod, which would provide live video feed of what’s going on in the cottage to those living in the house. In addition to all of this, extra features can be added based on customized requirements; anti-slip protection, for instance, would be recommended for those above the age of 65.

While this is just the way the first MedCottage has been designed, two others with slight difference and few innovations have also been made in the past five years. It is safe to say that Granny Pods are a great idea and brilliant alternative to Old Age Homes and Nursing Facilities. Living in these MedCottages would ensure that aged individuals remain close to their family without compromising upon space management in the latter’s home and the privacy of both the elderly and their loved ones. We hope this concept catches on soon so that our senior citizens across the world can live their final years in absolute comfort, peace and happiness.

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