Get Funky With These 12 Awesome Nail Shapes!


Many of us ignorant folk know little about nail-art. Some of us don’t even shape of our nails, much to the horror of the always-glamorous fashion police. But every once in a while, it is great to indulge in some serious nail-care and maybe even give those fingertips a cool makeover. If that’s what’s on your mind right now, you can shape your nails in any one of these awesome nail shapes – even if you don’t slap on a coat of polish, they are sure to look stunning!

This is the best shape for those who prefer to keep their nails short and unfussy on account of hand-based work. Also, since such nails have no ridges, they chip less easily – perfect for those with brittle nails.


The most popular of nail shapes, especially amongst the well-maintained dames, square nails are perfect for French manicures. Most women with such nails keep them long and perfectly polished for a chic, sophisticated look.


The squoval shape is a fusion of rounded and squared styles. Long square nails with rounded, inward-curving sides have a delicate, feminine appeal that is perfect for those special occasions. Make sure to apply polish with squoval nails so their curved contours are properly highlighted.

Almond Shape


More elongated and tapered than simple, rounded nails, the almond shape is great for small hands and short fingers. Almond-shaped nails create the illusion of length though achieving this look requires much filing. This may weaken the nails so make sure you apply loads of nail cream if you’re sporting this shape.

Combining the best of rounded, square and almond styles, oval nails look effortlessly chic. They are simple, elegant, easy to maintain and usually quite strong; a good option for office-goers who need to look good and be efficient at work as well.


With stiletto-heel-like pointy edges, such nails are very long and somewhat impractical on an everyday basis. But if you are looking to elongate your fingers and are capable of managing these talon-like beauties, go ahead – they look super-glam!



This shape is very similar to the stiletto style, with the only change being a squared top-edge. When the stiletto nail loses its point, it becomes somewhat less lethal and more practical. Still, this style is better kept for a day o-two only, just before a cut/manicure when nails are very long.

Mountain Peak

This shape is basically a shorter version of the stiletto shape. Equally pointy and chic, mountain-peak nails are just more manageable and less likely to chip/injure others.

As the name suggests, flared nails are narrow towards the nail bed and widely outward growing on the edges. This shape has been very controversial with many nail technicians refusing to do it on account of such filing being a bad manicure practice. Still, if they look good…



With this shape, the nail is supposed to resemble the slanted top of a lipstick. This shape is difficult to sculpt and best left to professionals. Also, the lipstick shape is perfect for theme-based painted nails so they may be just what you need for a party night!


It goes without saying what this shape of nail is like – an arrowhead, of course. It is made by filing the sides in an inwardly curving manner on the sides, followed by the creating of a pointed dome on top. If you’re not very good at filing, it’s better to get arrowheads at a nail salon.

When the arrowhead shape is used on very long nails, the style is referred to as “Edge”. This is a difficult shape to both maintain as well as pull off. But if you long nails and want to try something fancy, edge is a good option!

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