20 Celebrity Diets That Helped Them Lose Weight


It’s really not fair that gaining weight can be so easy, while losing the weight can be so incredibly difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to get started, with those first ten pounds the hardest. However, others struggle with those last few pounds to reach their goal, no matter how many sit-ups they do or how long they go without their favorite dessert or mixed drink. Sometimes it’s easier to look to the celebrities that we often tend to idolize to see how they managed to shed those pounds. So, let’s take a look at the diets that gave them those amazing new bodies!

Eat from a Smaller Plate



Nicole Polizzi, best known for her role as Snooki on the popular reality show, Jersey Shore. When Polizzi became a mother, she decided that one of the most important examples she could set for her child was to live a healthy lifestyle. While she loves the idea of being fit just for her own self worth, she has vowed to maintain a regimen of exercise, ranging from 45 minutes to an hour each and every day. She also tries to eat of diet of lean protein and vegetables. However, her best advice is to start eating from a smaller plate, so as to not fill up a larger one with things you will be tempted to eat in their entirety.

Eating Tons of Fruits and Vegetables



You may know Jonah Hill from the comedies in which he has starred like 21 Jump Street, Get Him to the Greek and Superbad. You may also have noticed that Jonah Hill has really shed the pounds as of late, and in case you’re wondering how, you’re about to find out! After hiring an expert nutritionist, Hill began to eat whole grains, lean protein, low-fat dairy, fruits and vegetables. He made a particular lifestyle choice, ensuring that he is now able to safely manage his weight in a reasonable way that still allows him to eat some of the foods that he enjoys.

Ditch the Junk Food



Chaz Bono did something that a lot of us would like to accomplish. He lost over 85 pounds. The son of entertainers Cher and Sonny Bono, Chaz says that he really enjoys his new body, and the way that he experiences far less pain and discomfort when he is healthy. To kick the excess weight, Bono cut out 99 percent of all dairy and grain products from his daily diet. He strictly eats lean protein, vegetables, fruits and nuts. He feels that his new healthy lifestyle has given him a lot of confidence, and he plans on keeping the weight off.

Put Down That Martini



Drew Carey is best remembered for hilarious The Drew Carey Show, but you may also remember him as the host of The Price is Right, after Bob Barker’s retirement. Drew Carey suffered from being overweight, and as a result, he became diabetic. Carey drank a lot of alcohol and over-indulged in junk food and sweets, and he resolved to change his eating habits. Today, Carey has completely cut out alcohol, and he eats no carbs, including no bread, no beans and no corn. He has also said that reading self-help books has really helped him stay focused and stick to his diet.

Watch Sugar and Alcohol Intake



John Goodman is one of the world’s most beloved actors, starring in films like Monsters Inc., The Big Lebowski and 10 Cloverfield Lane. He also appeared in HBO’s groundbreaking series Treme and will forever be known as the amiable Dan Conner from Roseanne. Back in 2010, Goodman decided that weighing in at 400 pounds had gotten out of control, so he lost over 100 pounds by cutting out sugar and alcohol, and by working out at least six days a week. He has continued to drop even more weight, illustrating that he has turned this into a real lifestyle change for the better.

Don’t Completely Cut Out Your Favorite Foods



When Jessica Simpson, known for her films The Love Guru and The Dukes of Hazzard, was pregnant, she gained a lot of weight, finding it a bit difficult to initially lose. However, she stuck to her resolve of fitting into her wedding dress, and she engaged in several helpful dieting practices. Also known for being one of the faces of Weight Watchers, she decided not to entirely cut out any of her favorite foods, as that this would only make her crave them more. She also took part in the Five Factor Diet, eating five small meals a day and working out for 25 minutes.

Eat as Many High-fiber Foods as Possible



Nicole Richie, known for her appearance in many popular TV shows like Chuck and Fashion Star, has been known by many people as the typical party girl, showing up occasionally on the covers of all of the gossip magazines. Due to her lifestyle, fans have seen Richie lose and gain large amounts of weight at one time, which has been very unhealthy. However, now that she is a loving wife and a devoted mother, Richie has stabilized her weight, and her diet contains a lot of high-fiber foods.

Lower Your Daily Allowance of Calories



Chris Hemsworth, the heartthrob who plays the character of Thor in both The Avengers and Thor, as well as their sequels, once lost a dramatic amount of weight for a film. Though we would not recommend it, he cut his calorie intake down to only a mere 500 per day to play the role of a stranded crew member in Lost at Sea. However, this example does show that reducing your daily calories can assist in dropping a lot of weight very quickly. However, Hemsworth has since gained a few of the pounds back, and he is now at a healthier weight.

Intentionally Lead a More Active Lifestyle



You may remember Kelly Osbourne, the celebrity daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Obourne, from the reality show The Osbournes, which came along long before the steady rollout of reality shows that we experience on television today. Initially, Kelly lost 70 pounds, and not only has she kept the weight off, but she has even lost a few more pounds. While she eats healthier, the main focus of her diet is to stay active. She shares that this isn’t just about exercise, but about engaging in activities that keep your body in motion.

Try to Plan Your Meals



Perez Hilton, the infamous, charismatic gossip columnist, is a celebrity that always battled with his weight. After feeling that it was becoming a big hindrance for him, Hilton decided to diet those extra pounds away. In 2008, he began a weight loss and diet regimen, and now, years later, he has lost at least 70 pounds. Hilton did not lose all of the weight all at once, but he did this slowly, being sure to make adjustments along the way, one of which being to try to plan out his meals in advance, being sure to make informed, healthy decisions.

Baby Food Diet



Many would argue that someone as naturally beautiful as Jennifer Aniston, known primarily for her role on Friends, would never need to diet to improve her body or her looks. However, whether it was for a particular role or to give her a little motivational boost, Aniston decided to try the Baby Food Diet to see if it could work for her. Created by personal trainer Tracy Anderson, the Baby Food Diet didn’t really get a lot of attention in Hollywood until Aniston announced that she lost seven pounds in just one week’s time.

Never Skip Breakfast



Jennifer Hudson, the well-known singing diva from American Idol, has an incredible story of weight loss… so much so, in fact, that she became a spokesperson for Weight Watchers. During her rise to stardom, Hudson decided that she wanted to make some lifestyle changes, both for herself and for her career. Losing about 80 pounds, Hudson suggests not to skip breakfast, as that it starts up the digestive system for the day. While she doesn’t necessarily stick to an exercise regimen, she stays very active. She also makes sure to manage her portion sizes, throwing away the food that she doesn’t want to be tempted to eat.

Be Sure to Eat Regular Meals



Christina Aguilera, singer extraordinaire and judge for The Voice, a competition-style reality show, has seen a lot of highs and lows in her battle with weight loss. Aguilera would often gain weight, only to lose it very quickly, becoming exceedingly thin. While many accused Aguilera of having a liposuction procedure, the singer vowed to prove them wrong by losing 45 pounds on her very public diet. To help her maintain this weight and her new, healthier lifestyle, Aguilera eats regular meals, such as a breakfast with turkey bacon and fruit, and a lunch consisting of lean chicken and vegetables.

Maintain Weight Loss with a Lifestyle Change



Graham Elliot, a MasterChef judge, has always battled with his weight. In 2013 he underwent a procedure called a sleeve gastrectomy. While this may have helped with the initial weight loss, it took a real lifestyle change to keep that weight off, as well as to lose even more. Elliot now weighs a whopping 128 pounds less than his highest weight, and he continues to eat smaller, regular meals more often throughout the day, including mostly salmon, chicken, salad and vegetables. He also indulges in cottage cheese with fruit slices.

Sweat it out with Zumba



Jordin Sparks, yet another alumni from the now defunct reality show and singing empire, American Idol, is yet another singer that has fought and won a huge weight loss battle. After a run on Broadway in 2010, Sparks discovered that she had walking pneumonia. After fighting away the infection and a jump on weight loss due to the illness, Sparks decided to throw herself head first into an exercise regimen called Zumba. Ten years later, Sparks was down fifty pounds, and she has a brand new body to show for it! Sparks tries to work out as often as possible, and she controls her portions.

Set Your Mind to It



Zach Galifianakis, the star of the series of The Hangover films, feels that you can do anything once you have set your mind to it. Of course, this may be a case of mind over matter, actually. At the New York Film Festival back in 2014, fans and colleagues alike were shocked at his weight loss, especially as that he hadn’t actually made that big of a deal about it. But it IS a big deal, because Galifinakis looks great these days, and he is really managing to keep the weight off!

Go Vegan



Besides the obvious spiritual ramifications, many insist that once they went completely Vegan, they never really had to worry about fad diets or super strenuous exercise programs. Being Vegan completely changed their entire lifestyle, making their options completely different than they were previously. Back in December of 2015, Beyonce went completely Vegan for 22 days, in an attempt to make a drastic change to kick start a healthier new lifestyle. While she didn’t stay Vegan, today most of her diet does consist of vegetables, fruit and fish.

Jenny Craig



Carrie Fisher, known the world, or maybe that would be galaxy, over as Princes Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy, cannot say enough good things about the Jenny Craig experience. Back in 2011, she set her mind to starting the diet, and she lost an amazing 50 pounds. Before she began her role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, she lost another 35 pounds with the Jenny Craig diet and a mixture of cardio and lowering her daily calorie intake. She now doesn’t have to worry about finding fashions in her size, which she admitted kept her indoors a lot of days. Thank you, Jenny!

Treadmill Cardio



When rapper 50 Cent needed to lose 60 pounds to play a football player with cancer in Things Fall Apart, he didn’t let anything hold him back. He began rigorous three-hour treadmill sessions, and tried to stick to a liquid diet. As that the movie was about Curtis Jackson, who was a real-life friend of 50 Cent, he felt like he really owed it to him to do this movie justice, so losing the weight was all a part of his tribute to a friend.

Don’t be a secret eater



Rickie Lake, the renowned talk show host and film star, with titles like Hairspray under her belt, was a self-professed “secret eater”, meaning that any time something went wrong, she turned to food, even if it meant eating it in “secret”. However, Lake has really turned that weight around dropping an incredible 130 pounds. Plus, she has kept it off for over 15 years, and she loves to share that with people who are searching for inspiration. She went from a size 24 to a 12, and now is down even two more dress sizes.

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