20 Celebrity Diets That Helped Them Lose Weight


It’s really not fair that gaining weight can be so easy, while losing the weight can be so incredibly difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to get started, with those first ten pounds the hardest. However, others struggle with those last few pounds to reach their goal, no matter how many sit-ups they do or how long they go without their favorite dessert or mixed drink. Sometimes it’s easier to look to the celebrities that we often tend to idolize to see how they managed to shed those pounds. So, let’s take a look at the diets that gave them those amazing new bodies!

Eat from a Smaller Plate


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Nicole Polizzi, best known for her role as Snooki on the popular reality show, Jersey Shore. When Polizzi became a mother, she decided that one of the most important examples she could set for her child was to live a healthy lifestyle. While she loves the idea of being fit just for her own self worth, she has vowed to maintain a regimen of exercise, ranging from 45 minutes to an hour each and every day. She also tries to eat of diet of lean protein and vegetables. However, her best advice is to start eating from a smaller plate, so as to not fill up a larger one with things you will be tempted to eat in their entirety.

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