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How To Keep Bananas Fresh Longer


Source: spoonuniversity.com

Bananas are a delicious, healthy treat that can be easily tossed into a lunch bag, used in recipes and kept as a decorative snack in your kitchen fruit bowl. They are also fairly cheap, especially as far as some of the more expensive fruits go. Bananas are typically bought by the pound, and supermarkets are constantly having sales. In fact, many stores typically even offer a deeply discounted price per pound on a particular week day, like “Banana Tuesdays”, where prices can dip down to the likes of $.39 a pound.
So when you purchase bananas, and especially when you buy them in bulk due to a good sale, it’s nice to be able to keep them around as long as possible. Bananas can spoil fairly quickly, especially if they are already pretty ripe when purchased. Sometimes they are only good for three or four days. However, there is a wonderful way to get more life out of your bananas! Take a sheet of plastic wrap and wind it tightly around the stem of the bananas and where the fruit actually connects to the stem. This can often give you a few more days to enjoy your favorite fruit!

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