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It’s almost as if some people were born in the kitchen. When you visit their home for dinner parties, everything is always utterly perfect. The fish is baked just the right way, the potatoes have exactly the right amount of butter and the apple pie literally melts in your mouth. They just instinctively know the best ways to package meats, if the milk tastes sour and how to freeze anything and everything and have it still taste fresh two weeks later. However, for the rest of us, we can always use a little bit of help in the kitchen, especially when these tips can save us time, energy and yes, perhaps even tears. You can utilize these fun, helpful hints anytime you need that extra boost to create a great meal, or to even be sure that there are plenty of snacks ready and waiting for a family on the go!

How To Make Perfectly Shaped Hash Browns


Source: cottagelife.com

Are you one of those people who long for the ultimate hash browns? Yes, you know the kind… they are crispy around the edges and soft in the center, making it nearly impossible not to eat every single bite. But unless you are at a restaurant or a delicious roadside dinner, how do you get those wonderfully shaped, super tasty hash browns? It’s actually really simple if you own a waffle maker.
Pre-heat the waffle iron somewhere between medium and high heat. Then take a large mixing bowl and shake the potatoes with salt and pepper, along with any other ingredients that you may like to add, like bacon, cheese or peppers. (You can get really creative here, and add breakfast meats or even scrambled eggs!) Pour a decent amount into the waffle iron and cook for about four or five minutes. Open, and you will see perfect hash browns, easily divided into fourths or halves.

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