13 Affordable Countries That Are Perfect For Budget Travelers


Your body is itching to travel… but you are short on cash! Story of every traveler! Yet, traveling is an important thing to do in life as it not just enriches your experiences, but also gives a new outlook towards life. When you’re on a strict budget, you would prefer staying at home. But what many of you don’t know is that there are a lot of stunning places which can be explored even when you don’t have enough bucks in your pocket. All those suffering from a serious case of wanderlust, you should check out the list of 12 affordable countries that are ideal for budget travelers.



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For individual travelers and backpackers, Indonesia is a budget-friendly country of Southeast Asia that is marked for its white sand beaches, savannahs, and jungles. Consisting of around 17000 islands, Indonesia is the fourth most populated country in the world. A budget traveler can get accommodation for as low as $10 per night. Even eating on the street would cost less than $1 per person. Soups, noodles, and street snacks would keep your wallet fat!

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