What’s Larry Enticer Been Up To? Let’s Have a Look.


It’s been about a month or so since I last looked at Larry Enticer on the social media. I discovered a new Chinese restaurant, and totes forgot about my newly lost love.

With spring finally here in Canada, I thought maybe he’d retire for the season. Thankfully, I was oh so wrong.

SnoW Be MEltINg BuT thAT WoNt sToP De OL’ sUpER TwIN

I gotta stop for a second. That alternating text drives me up the wall. I really got into tUnE-yArDs when I first heard them on the radio, and when I saw their website I nearly lost all respect.

I’d put Larry Enticer on notice, but I found a handy website that converts text in case, say someone sends you something written in all caps. Time saver.

So, De oLd sUpEr tWiNz are still out and about. Has Larry made any new friends?

Short answer, yup. Beer and snowmobiling. Anything else going on?

Fame. It’s getting to him.

Remember when life was so much simpler?

Like, a month ago?

Was it Florida? It’s easy to blame Florida.

Or was it this jump?

TBH I miss the lArRy eNtIcEr I met in February. He was full of denim, and pure as the driven snow.

I don’t think I know this man anymore. I mean, I never met him in person. I did ask once if we could be friends and got no response.

Whatever, he’s selling t-shirts and hats now. Good for Larry.

I guess it could be boiled down to 1 part jealousy, 1 part fear I’m not good enough, add a dash of IDK this girl

Larry Enticer, that better not be your wife or we’re done.

I do have to admit though, when I was trolling your Facebook and saw this comment, and your response

I got that old spark back for just a second.

Tell you what LaRrY – it’s your call. You know where to find me. cAn wE Be fRiEnDs?

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