Larry Enticer you light my fire! Can we be friends?


OK I will admit it, when my bestie sent a vid of this sick snow mobile dude I was all in. Who wouldn’t be? Canadian, denim, mullet?

colD beeR anD DA Old sUPer TWinnzz!!


Does it get much better? I think not.

Sorry Deaner


We’ve got to start with the obvious – Larry Enticer LARRY ENTICER IS NO JOKE! He’s all about the mullet, beer, snow, and speed.

Surely though, there’s gotta be more.

The morning after

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 I searched the net for hours. Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook. I did a deep web dive on hoping I’d find more info. Why? Future baby daddy waiting to happen!  

This is where things get weird. Larry Enticer’s existence on the internet only goes back as far as 2014.

Published on Feb 16, 2014


His first Facebook post came on February 6, 2017.


He’s got to be doing things between sick jumps. Surely he’s not capable of surviving during summer months buried underground, waiting for the ground to freeze. That’d be preposterous!    

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I really want there to be more to this guy. Quite possibly, he’s my everything.

How hard could it be to find him?

According to the 2016 census, there are 35,151,728 Canadians. In 2011, that figure counted for 16,414,230 Canadian men. Canada’s not that big.

J/K it’s really big.


In an interview with Vice, Larry Enticer says he grew up and lives on land outside of Toronto. He’s had his beloved snowmobile, a 78 Yamaha for about five years.

Unless our newest member of Alpha is spending his free time traveling the nation as a part of The Littlest Hobo’s posse I think we’ve got a problem.

Not pictured, Larry Enticer


The thing that makes all of my Canadian heartthrobs so great is they’re real people.

Not fictional


They’re tangible. With lives I can follow.


With so little to go off of, I’m starting to think Larry Enticer is either the greatest Canadian Hoser, or the greatest Canadian poser.

Viral stunt?


I really hope not. If he is a phony, it’d be pretty weird that he’s had those exposes on Vice, and Total Frat Move.

After some further internet investigation……

Turns out, he is a fake….but not a total fake. Larry Enticer’s not his real name.

BUT the mullet is real.


And he’s a motocross rider, apparently a pretty good one.

Not in Alpha Flight


So we got that…

This is kind of a bummer. I was ready. I needed someone from Canada to sweep me away because these days America’s feeling pretty bleak.

It would’ve been nice


To have something good and cool as denim, as sleek as a mullet, and as pure as the snow, but, Larry’s an alter ego, and I’m left feeling super zero.

At least I’ll always have Justin Trudeau

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