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Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, and, unlike many who have inherited their billions, Gates worked long and hard to build his wealth. Gates, along with Paul Allen, co-founded Microsoft back in 1975, which continues to grow in popularity as the years go by. With his net worth at almost $90 billion, his lifestyle has fascinated people throughout the decades. However, what can tell more about a man than his home? Let’s take a look inside the abode of Bill Gates, and take a peek at how the richest man alive lives.

Its Location

Bill Gates’ mansion boldly towers over serene Lake Washington, located in Medina, Washington. Close to the bustling city of Seattle, this area offers a quiet respite from city life, even though it is easily accessible for dining, culture and other activities.

Bill Gates decided to get really creative when naming his sprawling mansion. It is also quite obvious that he is a pretty big Citizen Kane fan. His vast estate is dubbed Xanadu 2.0, a nod to Charles Foster’s, the leading character, property’s name in the movie.

Even though he is the richest man in the world, Bill Gates has been known to be rather frugal. However, he spared no expense on the home of his dreams, which has been estimated to have cost a bit over $68 billion. Yes, you read that correctly.

Building Xanadu 2.0


As you can imagine, building this massive home must have been an enormous project. This mansion is nestled in the hills, requiring extensive excavation. From start to finish, building it took approximately seven years.

Before we get into the almost futuristic technological gadgets and unbelievable creature comforts that this amazing mansion holds behind its walls, let’s first learn a bit about its size. I’m sure you are expecting something of huge proportions, but are you prepared for the reality of 66,000 square feet?

Of course, if you’re Bill Gates, you are going to need a little bit of privacy from paparazzi and clamoring fans. Gates decided against imposing fences and other separating features, opting instead for a remote location and natural privacy afforded by trees and shrubbery.

Its Exterior


The exterior of Bill Gates’ mansion takes on a rustic appeal, constructed mainly of lumber from 300-year-old Douglas fir trees. With plenty of floor-to-ceiling windows, this lake-view mansion offers breathtaking views of Seattle from nearly every window overlooking Washington Lake.

Arriving in Style

Visitors to the mansion of Bill Gates may drive up the winding driveway surrounded by maple trees, or they can choose a more unique style of arrival. Visitors may access the mansion via lake Washington by boat, docking at one of many docks available for his own boats and those belonging to his guests.

Its Sustainability


Bill Gates has always been a supporter of green living, and he carries these attributes over into his own home. The house itself is built into the hillside to provide natural respite from the elements, and he even stocked the stream with salmon and trout for sustainability.

Setting the Ambiance


Bill Gates truly wanted this mansion to feel like an escape from the hustle and bustle of his life in the spotlight. Therefore, it was very important to set the right ambiance, which is magnified by this sparkling water feature with warm lights and inviting landscaping.

Welcoming Nature

This gorgeous mansion is big on allowing light in, with unbelievable views of the nature surrounding the estate. This indoor patio area with a conservatory-like feel offers a seating area with floor-to-ceiling glass walls opening up to the landscape outside.

Providing eye-appealing areas to dine is a major part of the appeal of this mansion. With seating for ten, this dining area offers floor-to-ceiling views of the garden. Its thick hardwood floors are contrasted by stark, white walls and pendant lighting.

Rooftop Patio


Bill Gates’ mansion makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors, no matter what the temperature. This stunning retreat offers a pool, a bed and lounge areas, with the optional heat from the chic fire pit, and cover from the sliding roof.

This estate offers a variety of garages, holding 23 cars in total. The most interesting garage can house up to ten vehicles inside of this underground, concrete and stainless steel structure.

Just for Guests

With so much space, it is probably expected for there to be a guest area at this mansion, but Bill Gates really provides a special area to house his visitors. This area is 1,900 square feet and even boasts its own kitchen living area, bathroom and luxurious bedroom.

Home Theatre


When Bill Gates wants to catch a movie in style, he doesn’t need to go far. This amazing home theater has 1,500 square feet for his viewing pleasure, complete with stadium seating and a popcorn machine. The room is decorated in a stark Art Deco style

This library is over 2,100 square feet, and it offers plenty of nooks and crannies where a reader can relax and enjoy a good book. It has a domed roof and two secret shelves, one housing a hidden bar. This is also where Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Leicester is showcased.

Bill Gates loves marine life, and it shows in his mansion. A unique digital aquarium splashes across a living room wall, offering viewers thrilling panoramas depicting sea creatures and their habitats.

Staircase to Luxury


This trendy staircase transports those who enter the mansion of Bill Gates from one floor to the next. There are 84 steps that lead up to the rooftop, but there is an elevator just down the hallway for those not wishing to make the climb.

This trendy seating area just off one of the dining areas offering a comfortable place to enjoy some of the ground-breaking technology scattered throughout the house. Computer screens are highlighted, and the temperature and lighting can be adjusted with ease.

Many rooms offer floor-to-ceiling glass walls, allowing those inside to see the beautifully manicured gardens and jaw-dropping views. There are also water features and chic colored lighting.

Master Bathroom


The master bathroom of this abode is truly a work of art, even with 23 other bathrooms to choose from. There is a large tub with a double vanity, as well as glass walls and subtle blue lighting.

Master Bedroom

This massive sleeping area offers plush white carpet and a low bed. This room also offers soft blue lighting, and the walls have earthy stone accents that really bring a warm tone into the room.

Additional Bedroom

Another massive bedroom inside of the mansion offers unparalleled luxury. With hardwood flooring and swank furnishings, the focal point is the high-paneled, diamond-tufted headboard.

Of course, there are six kitchens inside of the home of Bill Gates. This is one of the largest, with its signature floor-to-ceiling windows, hardwood floors and pendant lighting. The stainless steel appliances also offer the latest in technology.

Dust Room


Dust rooms are known to be casual, but even this room in Bill Gates’ mansion boasts undeniable character. Its beautifully beamed ceiling offers a dynamic contrast to the stone walls and rustic fireplace.

Pool Overlooking the Lake

One swimming pool is not near enough for Bill Gates’ not-so-humble abode. This sparkling oasis is surrounded by a cedar deck, with tranquil lighting and lounge areas with a warm, welcoming appeal.

There are numerous gorgeous views of Seattle from this mansion, but this one might just be the best. From the rooftop lounge area, the glitzy Seattle skyline can be easily seen just over the ridge.

Outdoor Patio


Bill Gates wanted to ensure that he had multiple outdoor areas, each one offering unique areas with different views, landscaping and seating. This quiet patio area has a luxurious hardwood floor and lovely lakeside views.

When you take a look at the exterior of this mansion, it is difficult to fathom the number of walls that can feature priceless art. While many works are housed in the mansion, there are also computer screens valued at $80,000 throughout the home that allow for rotating, digital art. How cool is that?

Undersea Bedroom

While you may have already seen both bedrooms and aquariums in this article, Bill Gates doesn’t pause to put the two together for the epitome in sleeping pleasure. This bedroom rests beneath a domed aquarium, with hardwood flooring and bench seating.

Underwater Sound


Now, if you happen to be at the Gates’ mansion for a swim, expect the unexpected. The swimming pool has its own underwater sound system, plus a glass wall that separates the wet area from the rest of the patio.

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