15 Crazy Exclusive Clubs Only For Those Rich Enough


Surely you have heard about some of the ultra-luxurious, super-exclusive clubs that are out there. You may occasionally see a photo floating about online, or you may even hear a colleague at work talk about how a “friend of a friend” spent the day there. However, these exclusive clubs are typically just that. They are EXCLUSIVE, meaning that the regular person off the street can’t just waltz in and laze the afternoon away, no matter how much cash they may bribe the doorman with. The closest you may ever get to these exclusive clubs is by viewing these images, so be sure to get your fill!

Club 33 – Disneyland



As if a regular visit to Disneyland wasn’t magical enough, hidden away in New Orleans Square is a super elite dining experience. Members pay a hefty initiation fee, as well as an annual fee. Sadly, this club was built for Walt Disney himself to have a place to entertain guests, but he died a mere five months before its completion. Expect to pay $25,000 to join and annual fees of $10,000.

Coca-Cola Vault



Yes, the rumors are true that the 120-year-old recipe for this tasty drink was locked in a vault in Atlanta. While tourists can tour the location, they are not allowed inside of the vault. But you can sample any of Coca-Cola’s beverages and catch a presentation in its moving 4D theater.

Kee Club – Hong Kong



This exclusive club has two locations: one in Shanghai and the other in Hong Kong. While the annual fees are not quite three grand, the problem is getting a referral to join this club, where members receive invitations to celebrity events and can host their own business meetings there, as well.

Core – Manhattan



Core is a club for the wealthy and the elite in Manhattan, boasting members like George Clooney, who has hosted private screenings there. To join, you only need about $50,000, along with annual fees totaling $15,000, and you can also rub elbows with the rich and famous

Yellowstone Club – Montana



The Yellowstone Club is located in a private ski resort in Montana, with members on its list like Bill Gates and other CEOs. If you’re expecting this to be expensive, you’re right, with $300,000 to join and an annual fee of $30,000.

White’s – London



White’s is a club for elite men ONLY that is located in London and has been around since 1693. It has included members on its A-list like Prince Charles and other members of royalty and high British government.

Silencio – Paris



Silencio is an exclusive art club in Paris that opened its doors in 2011. It is open to ultra-creative individuals who can pay $1,000 up front and another $1,900 annually, along with $85 per month.

Soho Club – London



Back in 1959, the Soho Club originated in London. However, its wild popularity has caused it to spread to additional cities in Europe and North America with restaurants, bar, a spa and a gym. You must be recommended by members to join, even if you can pay the annual fees totaling $2,000. Just ask Kim Kardashian, who has been denied membership on several occasions.

Devonshire Club – London



London’s brand new exclusive hot spot, the Devonshire Club, even hosts a 68-room hotel for its members, along with a restaurant, a bar, a gym and a winter garden. Expect to pay about $2,500 for these trendy perks.

Capital Club – Dubai



Located right in the heart of Dubai, the Capital Club offers its clientele a gym, a cigar room, a bar and outstanding views. You must be invited to join, as well as be sponsored by at least two members.

The Club at the Ivy – London



This club was founded in 2008 at this popular West End restaurant, and it has a hidden entrance. You must receive an invitation to join, as well as pay a fee of $700 to get started and $1,400 per year. It has a dining room and a library, with heated seats for those cold, blustery British days.

Duquesne Club – Pittsburgh



Founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, back in 1863, the Duquesne Club offers a gym and a restaurant, along with a powerful network of business associates. For a $9,000 starter fee and $4,000 annually, it has hosted members like President Bill Clinton.

Cercle De Lorraine – Brussels



Cercel De Lorraine is another exclusive club that is located in Brussels, Belgium with an annual fee of $2,000 and an initial payment of $2,400.It has wine cellars, and it offers additional access to other clubs that offer sailing and tennis.

The Clubhouse – Argentina



While no one knows the exact location of this exclusive club in Argentina until they are accepted and pay the fees of $750 per year. This club is four stories tall with a pool, a lounge, a garden and two bars. It also offers access to other exclusive clubs across the country.

Roppongi Hills Club – Tokyo



The Roppongi Hills Club is in Tokyo, overlooking the vibrant city from the 51st floor. It is almost $12,000 to register, along with $1,755 paid in annual fees. There are seven restaurants and two bars, plus the constant opportunity to meet global leaders.

Arts Club – London



The beautiful Arts Club is located in London, and it has been around so long that even Charles Dickens was a member. It supporters artists and writers, and it boasts entertainment and exclusive art exhibits for members to enjoy.

The Groucho Club



Yet another club in London, this one is for gentlemen only, and it was founded by writers, their agents and their publishers as a place to work and be inspired. It offers a restaurant, a bar, meeting spaces and more.

The Hurlingham Club – London



London must be the queen of exclusive clubs, because the Hurlingham Club is located here. While the fees are undisclosed, it has a 15-year waiting list. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that King Edward VII went hunting for pigeons there?

Annabel’s – London



Annabel’s is located in (guess where) London in the neighborhood of Mayfair. You must have two references to join, along with undisclosed fees. Plus, the clientele here is within a younger age if you’d enjoy a livelier crowd at the restaurant or on the dance floor.


Wingtip – San Francisco



Wingtip is located in San Francisco, California, and it is $3,000 to register, along with $300 a month and $1,800 annually. There is a wine cellar, a parlor, a golf simulator and a bar with a whiskey corner.

The Magic Castle – Los Angeles



The Magic Castle, which is located in Los Angeles, is $1,500 just to sign up, along with annual fees, as well. This mansion originated as a place for magicians to mingle, although they can invite guests who are not in the industry.

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