Celebrity Homes That Will Blow Your Mind


Love celebrities? Love houses? Love celebrity houses? We have compiled a list of the best celebrity homes around. From Oprah Winfrey to Justin Bieber, or Bette Midler to Taylor Swift, can you see their personality shine through their real estate purchases? Or is it just a whole lot of extravagant spending? Either way you cannot deny these are jaw-dropping homes, and stomach dropping prices. Drool at the luxury that some of us will never be able to afford and admire the choices of some of those lucky enough to be able to live in this level of ordinary.


Check out these beauty houses below!

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux – $22 million



Jennifer and her writer, director, actor husband Justin Theroux make such a lovely pair. Fans of modern, minimalist architecture, this house in Bel Air, California, brings J&J lots of joy into their lives.

Mark Wahlberg -$30 million



This Beverly Hills mini mansion is more like a holiday resort than a home. It even includes a 2-story gym, because as we all know, Marky Mark likes to work out.

Bruce Willis – $22 million



Tough guy Bruce Willis owns this stunning Beverly Hills Spanish inspired home. Exposed wood, beams, tiled roof, ticked all the boxes when you live in one of the most famous zip codes in California.

Oprah Winfrey – $85 Million



Known as the Promised Land, in Montecito California, the ‘Queen of Talk Shows” resides in this 23,000 square foot, Georgian style mansion. Over 40 acres, its own cinema, and 10 fireplaces, impressive indeed!

Justin Bieber – $6 million



One may wonder how someone only born in 1994 can now own a 6 million Californian house that resembles something in which no one over the age of 35 should reside… Well, it is pop singing sensation Justin Bieber, so anything is possible.

Jennifer Lopez – $9.995



She may be from the Bronx but Lopez knows how to live it up in her house in The Hamptons. 8,500 square feet of home on 3 acres land. The house includes 8 beds, and 7 and a half bathrooms. Not just Jenny from the block anymore, really now, is she?

Miley Cyrus – $3.9 million




Oh, Miley, everyone needs a place to twerk, and now she has her very own pad. This Studio City home in California costs a little chunk of her pocket money, but I’m sure she’ll gain that back again with more chores and twerks and such.

Britney Spears – $8.5 million



As far as table settings go you could say she did it again, and again and again. Britney Spears’ home in Thousand Oaks, California, boasts 4 different table and chair suites in one open plan living room!

Celine Dion – $72 million


One of the most impressive outdoor shots is this one of Celine Dion’s home in Jupiter, Florida. Built in 2010, this personal resort has three purpose built pools and a mini water park. All that work on Titanic years ago must have cemented a big love for water for dear Celine.

George Clooney – $2,827,500



Mature, private, forest-y, sounds very much like George Clooney, and his home in Studio City, California. You can’t see much, and that’s just the way he likes it. But he is probably sitting by the fire with a whiskey and his lovely lady lawyer wife, both in satin robes…don’t you think?

Rihanna – $12 million



Sleek, beautiful, and perfect for entertaining, Singer Rihanna and her house go hand in hand! Located in the Pacific Palisades in California, it cost a pretty penny too.

Vince Vaughn -$5.3 million


Vince Vaughn’s Californian abode in the city of La Canada Flintridge, is perfect for this actor, director, activist and family man. His wife and two children may see him differently, but he’ll always be ‘so money baby’, to me.


Americas most recognized television anchor owns this Historical English country manor house in Connecticut. Wilson Eyre built “Rye House” in 1908. These days it has a renovated kitchen, but most other rooms still need a bit of attention.

Taylor Swift – $3.9 million



The biggest young pop star this decade is most definitely Taylor Swift. Her home in Beverly Hills, California, was just a small dip into the bank account. Considering her record and concert sales in her young career, she can afford it, and why not?

Mathew McConaughey – $4 million



Austin Texas. Well, where else would Mathew McConaughey live with that southern Texas drawl? His 4 million home has lots of space to breath, and quite lot of wood paneling, sure feels like Mathew lives here.

Claire Danes – $6.876 million



In the West Village in New York, sits this simple, charming, huge but charming New York townhouse owned by Claire Danes and her British actor husband Hugh Dancy. It hits all the right NY townhouse criteria.

Sheryl Crow is the proud owner of 10 acres in the Hollywood Hills, California. Popular location and popular style of house too, this Spanish inspired main house needs to be pretty level with that rather steep incline for a driveway.

Chris Evans – $3.75 million



Can Captain America do no wrong? Not in my book. So, if Chris Evans wants to spend nearly 4 million on a Hollywood Hills, Californian pad with salmon walls and a white patio and planter pots, well who is going to stop him? HYDRA?!

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin – $10 million





Simply, the woman loves horses. Bought in 2000, this 2,300-acre ranch on the Pecos River has a main house, guesthouse, rancher’s house and equestrian center.

Charlize Theron – $3.8 million



This is a very Zen house in Los Angeles, California. Buddha looking over the slate paved pool area, harmonious design features in the interior, plush carpet your ties will love and clean lines for a clear head. Thank you, Charlize.

Heidi Klum – $13.4 million



Heidi Klum purchased her gorgeous Brentwood, California home as a base for when she’s in the US. But, now that she is no longer married to Seal and most of her reality modeling TV show is filmed in Germany throughout the year, how much time does she spend there really?

Justin Timberlake – $7.65 million



Nice one J.T! SoHo in New York is one of the most fashionable places on the planet to be, and he lives there, way above the action with a view of New York to die for, it’s the things dreams are made of.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi – $10 million



In Hidden valley, California, Ellen and Portia are the queens of things lovely. Ellen has a passion, or madness, for design and Portia is a horse lover, this will equal one very exclusive barn and stables.

Katy Perry – $6.94 million




Hello, extravagance! Katy Perry has a pool built into the property rock face. Where else but in the Hollywood Hills, California, Katy and her musician, artist friends can party like its… well, 2016.

Young ‘Happy Days’ actor come mature blockbuster movie director Ron Howard knows what he wants in a home. Apparently, that’s 33 acres, an indoor pool, tennis court, private lake and a horse arena in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Reese Witherspoon – $7.25 million



A dear friend of hers, Kristen Buckingham, designed Reese Witherspoon’s stylish Californian ranch in Ojai. It has a dedicated games area, a terrace enclosed by crawling vines, styled boys and girls rooms complete with adorable alcove beds, plus now I think she has a thing for antlers…

Leonardo DiCaprio



Much like many of his performances, Leonardo Decaprio’s place in New York is spellbinding, and sexy.  He’s all about renewable energy and saving the planet so he is bound to have all the trimmings of a good eco-friendly movie star.

Jessica Simpson – $11.5 million



After everything that Jessica Simpson and been and done in her life, you’d deserve this view after every day don’t you think? In Hidden Hills California, there is lost of room to breathe here.


For film director and producer Joel Schumacher, his second home could be nowhere else but Carpinteria, California for 5 acres of rustic wooden charm. Utilizing wood from 200-year-old barns in the area, designer Don Nulty has outdone himself!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – $20 million



These two mega-celebrities have a habit of buying houses, renovating them, then deciding the no longer want to live there. This one in hidden Hills, California though, might be a keeper, they even say it rivals Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch… well, we’ll be the judge of that.


The ‘Girls’ writer and creator Lena Dunham has snapped up a great 1920’s Greek revival cottage in Los Angeles, California, which was owned by “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” actor George Peppard. 2,500 square feet, plus guesthouse, simply lovely, Lena.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, Cameron has had her bathroom custom designed, well, it is one of the most important rooms in the house! Check out those mirrors. Simply elegant and very Manhattan.

Jerry Seinfeld – $32 million



Jerry Seinfeld bought this mansion in The Hamptons from the great piano man, Billy Joel. But, for Jerry and his wife and kids, this is just their summer residence.

This gorgeous Los Angeles Spanish colonial home was built 1923. Michael C. Hall purchased it in 2013 at the end of his ‘Dexter’ television series. It is 5,600 sq feet, has 6 bedrooms, and 6 bathrooms.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett –Smith – $20 million


This place is so big it apparently has its own zip code, check out the bird’s eye view, that’s the only way you’ll see exactly how huge this place is. Calabasas, California is used to this kind of thing though, private basketball and tennis courts, golf course, pools.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen – $20 million



Even though this is a huge amount of space for one of the highest-paid models in the world, her football star husband Tom Brady and their two kids, it is nice to see some serious solar power use on this place in Los Angeles, California.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski


Oh these two, can they get any cuter? Emily and John’s home in Los Angeles is comfortable without being too grandiose and in your face about it, just like them.

Christina Aguilera -$10.75 million



These 11,000 square feet in Beverly Hills, California, belongs to the lavish Christina Aguilera. Designed by Hablinski-Manion it has 6 bedrooms, and 8 bathrooms, if the bathrooms as all this big, that’s a lot of marble floors!

Bill Gates – $147.5 million



Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world and founder of the global software Microsoft Company, loves this ‘little’ place. 66,000 square feet of home he built is snugly situated within the greenery and hills of Medina, Washington.

Ashton Kutcher – $10.215 million


In Beverly Hills, Ashton Kutcher and his wife, actress Milla Kunis, and their two kids live in this massive 7,351 Square foot home in a gated community. Which is a great way to keep things as private as possible for a young family.


A fabulous loft in SoHo, New York would be many people’s dream home. For Vanessa Carlton, it’s a place to create and live happily amongst open plan living spaces, exposed columns and beams, artwork and music.

Matt Damon – $20 million




All round good guy and crazy talented Matt Damon, owns this gorgeous home with a stunning view in Miami, Florida.

Jonathan Rhys Myers


This house is a great example of some wonderful contemporary design in Los Angeles. Actor Jonathan Rhys Myers likes open and airy spaces for entertaining.

Tiger Woods – $60 million


What else would Tiger Woods have built into his property on Jupiter Island in Florida, but a golf course, of course? And at $60 million, it should have a lot of holes.

Lady Gaga – $22 million




Built 2006, and designed by Steve Gianetti, Lady Gaga has 6 acres of stunning Malibu land and a gorgeous French provincial home with dark wood floors, white but not glossy finish. And its very own bowling alley with a secret entrance!



All round entertainer Bette Midler, and her husband Martin Von Haselberg, have the privilege of living in central Manhattan in New York in this amazing apartment. Landscapes terraces, books and shoes lining the walls, this home has been featured in many home magazines, and for good reason!

Arnold Schwarzenegger – $23.5 million


From bodybuilding to a Hollywood movie career, to American politics, a few scandals, and then back to movies. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s home in Brentwood County, California is nothing short of spectacular.

Ivanka Trump



Not long after her divorce from the new American president Donald Trump, Ivanka bought this property in 1994 in Pam Beach, Florida. Built in 1921 by Addison Myer it is in the usual extravagant Trump family style.

Gordon Ramsay – $5.3 million



Spending more and more time in LA for his television shows and restaurant rein here, Chef Gordon Ramsey has moved to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. His family will jump between the UK and US.

Julia Roberts – $6.84 million



Julia Roberts and her husband Mathew Moder have recently bought this modest 50’s ranch style home, right across the road from their current, much larger compound. A little over 1.5 acres, the new house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, its unsure if she has bought it for guests, family, or themselves.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – $4.995 million




The Rock, Pro Wrestler come action hero (actor?) has this fabulous house in Hidden Hills, California, so sleek, so lush, so delicate. Think he has to take care in there or his brute strength of simply turning a door handle may cause the entire thing to unhinge.

Billy Joel – $35 million


Singer-songwriter Billy Joel has an impressive home in Miami Beach, Florida. 303,310 square feet on La Gorce Island, this home has its own pier and boat slip directly out to the beach.

Norah Jones – $6.25 million



Norah Jones scored big when she bought ‘Carriage House’ in Cobble Hill in Brooklyn at a reduced price. Featured in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love’ it is a gorgeous split level home filled with wood and warmth, books, art and antiques

Anna Kournikova – $26 million



Located in Miami Beach on a street known as ‘Millionaire Row’. This mansion is 20,000 square feet of luxury, tennis courts, pool, spa, boat deck and anything else she and her long time love-in, singer Enrique Iglesias, would need.

Patrick Dempsey – $6.4 million


In the mountains of Malibu but just a short ride to the beach is this 4,415 Square meter dwelling of Patrick Dempsey and his family. It has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a heap of living space, plus a saltwater pool shaded by its very own palm trees.

Sandra Bullock – $2.25 million


Bought with husband Jesse James, before they split, Sandra Bullock fell for this awesome Gothic Victorian building named ‘The Koch-Mays House’. Built in the 1860’s and around 6,615 square feet, this New Orleans gem is a keeper; let’s hope she is luckier in real estate than love!

Steven Segal



Steven Segal’s 5,000 acres of land in Northern California has two houses, one large, 14,000 square feet, and one smaller, a measly 4,400 square feet. This is the closest you’ll get to Mr. Segal’s world in Mt Shasta Valley.

Aaron Spelling – $150 million


Looking more like an exclusive boarding school for American starlets, this compound is ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ creator Aaron Spelling’s home. Yes, his home, a French Château style Los Angeles home with 163 rooms… for all those starlets.

Michael Jordan – $29 million


Star basketball legend Michael Jordan, the man with the golden shoes, has been trying to sell his Chicago, Illinois home for years. Why wouldn’t anyone want this beauty? 56,000 Square meters including a pool, tennis court, weight room, climate controlled garages, guesthouse. Anybody want to bid?

Jodi Foster



Director and actor Jodi Foster has been in the public eye for most of her life, so it makes sense to want to hide amongst the ferns for some privacy in her Spanish Villa style home in Los Angeles. Built in 1997, it is surrounded by greenery and nature; it’s even a little green itself.

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