26 Pics That Made Me A Tad Uncomfortable


Each and every image below will leave you with an awkward sense of unease. Whether it is the uncomfortable situation itself, or the motivation behind it, these creepy and colorful characters will shake up your day. Here are some pics that made me a tad uncomfortable, let us see if they stir up the same reaction in you!

Comfortable with Bees?



It takes nerves of steel to withstand this strange encounter with a bee. Don’t blink or your sight could soon be gone. The touch of a bees feet upon your eyeball must conjure up the strangest, most blood-curdling reaction. 

Not Easy Being Dad



Any father of a growing young daughter should be able to sympathize with the situation above. His little girls show no shame and nothing but excitement while flaunting their new presents before the camera; his face, however, tells a different story.

Meeting Your Idol Can Be Traumatic



The young girl above is experiencing an overflow of emotions, as is the case when most of us meet our idols. Her reaction could be mistaken for a far different encounter, had we not known better. 

Wrestling Pitfalls



This image illustrates the reason that wrestling is not for everyone. The locks hold, and unsightly positions that one finds yourself in at the hands of another is enough to deter almost anyone. A true pitfall indeed!

Buzzing Down Below



What exactly these flies are attracted to we can only imagine. However, regardless of the point of attraction, this would make for an uncomfortable situation for almost anyone. 

Pigs Running Wild



Now that is perfect placement, well maybe not for the news but definitely for our funny bone! News bloopers don’t get much more ironic, someone in production must be laughing their head off. 

Dare to Be Different



There should be nothing which stops you from trying to attain your dream. Despite his bewildered look and obvious self-awareness, this pint-size body builder certainly does impress with his chiseled physique. 




Everyone is human, and everyone can make mistakes, even the royal guard. Despite his obvious blunder, this dedicated soldier holds his composure and looks sternly ahead in the wrong direction. Stepping out of line does not mean stepping out of character!

When It is Time for Better Friends



One does not know whether to question the intelligence or integrity of the friend in question. Either way, I’d say it’s time to look for new friends.

There is No Excuse



Caught in the act! When you are caught red handed, that is the expression that will be on your face. This office worker was found putting his office computer to “good” use however it is unlikely that his pay will be the thing getting a raise. 

His Preferred Use of a Timeout



Some discuss strategy; others catch their breath, this Colt star decides to dig for nose gold unbeknownst he’s on camera. I’d bet it took him quite some time to live this one down. I’d also bet his most valuable find was the photo of him digging itself. 

Crude Carrot



As if never prouder, this gardener displays his harvest. The most unrefined carrot ever seen would certainly bring giggles and smiles to any grower, after all, it isn’t every day that you find something shaped so provocatively. 

Addicted to Social Media?



Out of all the times to check your phone, this is most definitely not one of them. If she doesn’t catch on, he should be safe. He is only shooting himself in the foot after all.

An Unnatural Gymnast



There is something offputting about that photo. Our emotionless gymnast shows just how serious he takes Christmas pictures, but we’re not quite sure what the splits are about.

Time to Run



For the photographer, it’s time to move, but for the girl in the photo, it may be best to consider looking for a new home. I definitely wouldn’t stick around to see what caused the visage in the mirror staring at me!

Always Check Your Shower



Psycho instilled fear in many women, and with good reason. As the photo above clearly shows, you never know when a stalker may be hiding in your shower. So now we have another place to carry mace along to!

Halloween Can Be a Bad Thing



CCTV footage shows this creepy clown, urging everyone to rethink the safety of Halloween as a celebrated holiday. With people like that lurking about on All Hallows Eve it makes one wonder exactly how safe it is to be out on the street.

Don’t Look Ahead



The look on his face is evident, should she step any closer he may collapse in fear. Beyond awkward is the aptest description for Jimmy Fallon, showing The Tonight Show viewers exactly how to react if you are involved and placed before a gorgeous dancer.

What Distracted Him?



Whatever distracted Nick Cannon, we will never know, but with photos like this floating around it is evident why the two are no longer together.

Two Hour Bus Ride



The most uncomfortable, awkward two-hour bus ride you could ever imagine. The look on his face expresses the magnitude of his social anxiety clearly.

Timeless Family Memories



If the day arises when you are forced into a family photo such as the one above, it is better to smile and play along. It will transform a day of uncomfortable situations into a fun-filled day of holiday spirit. Just make sure the photos don’t make it onto social media!

At Which Age Does It Stop?



This images is yet another photo which any pubescent teenage boy does not want hitting social media. Parents will be parents; it does not end! Keep control of what gets photographed if you wish to keep embarrassment to a minimum.

When It Doesn’t Pay to Be a Security Guard



When faced with a situation such as the one above, it indeed makes one question the nature of your employment. The worth of a job comes into question when pushed to the limits uncomfortable obligations.

Beyond Awkward Gaming



Hardcore gaming has never been better embodied than through this over-the-top gaming toilet. Stay in the zone, and you may be able to overlook the smells!

The Guy You Don’t Remember Inviting



This eerie onlooker is a subtle reminder that at every party there will always be one person who was not invited. Let’s just hope that this photobomber was a distant family friend and not a cunning covert stalker.

Creepy but Happy



This is just another picture of a happy, suburban family with absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. Well, that is what they would have you believe. A family of eight comprising of kids that will never grow up can only be a handful to take care of. Ever wished your children would stay kids forever? This is your alternative option.

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