34 Things You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump’s Kids


With Donald Trump in the race to be the next president of the United States, it’s safe to say that he has built up quite a reputation for enjoying the spotlight. Of course, it is typical for a presidential candidate to be the center of the media circus, but what about the families that are involved? The children of a candidate are under scrutiny, as well. And with a family as well-known as Donald Trump’s, every little move and indiscreet action will be plastered across the news for the entire world to see. However, occasionally some information falls through the cracks, and you may stumble across a tidbit or two that might be a little bit shocking. Well, you are in luck, because we have compiled some of the most interesting facts about Mr. Trump’s children, all for your reading pleasure!

An Introduction to Donald Trump Jr.


Donald Trump Jr. the oldest child of Donald Trump and his former wife and model, Ivana Zelníčková. He was 12 years old when his parents divorced, but he remained very close to his father. He is currently married to Vanessa Haydon, who is a model and a fashion designer, and they have five children together. Following in the company business, Donald is the Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, where he began working immediately after attending college at the University of Pennsylvania. When asked if he has considered running for any type of political office, he replied that the idea had definitely crossed his mind.

Jr. and Gun Control


Donald Trump Jr. claims to be a staunch Republican, and it does seem that he may possess the typical red party opinion when it comes to gun control. However, Donald may take things a step or two too far. While he has never been exactly shy about voicing his opinion that the gun laws of the United States are too strict and should definitely not be built upon, he might occasionally say a bit too much. He has been noted to have said during an interview that at any given time, he has thousands of rounds of ammunition in his vehicle at all times.

Ivanka Trump is 34 years old, and she is the second child as a result of Donald Trump’s first marriage with Ivana. She is one of Trump’s two daughters, and definitely the one that seems to end up in the spotlight. She is currently married to Jared Kushner, who is a very successful real estate investor, and they have three children. She works for her father, and she is in charge of hotel management and areas of real estate development for the Trump Organization. Before beginning her business career, she attended college at Georgetown University, eventually transferring to the University of Pennsylvania.

Hello, Barron



Barron Trump is Donald’s youngest child, and he is the only child bore from his marriage with Melania. Barron is just ten years old, making a 26-year age difference between him and Donald’s oldest child, Donald Jr. Through several different interviews, it has been stated that Barron is a lot like his father. He seems to like expensive clothing and airplanes, and he is very well-spoken for a child his age. He spends most of his time with his mother, especially now that his father is on the campaign trail, but Melania seems to agree that his disposition is much more like that of his father’s.

The “Other Son”


Eric Trump doesn’t find himself in the media quite as much as Donald Jr., but he has been campaigning for his father, as well. Eric is Trump’s third child with former wife and model, Ivana, and he is 32 years old. He resides in New York City with his wife, Lara Yunaska. They currently do not have children, but they do have a dog, a beagle named Charlie. Like his brother, he went on to work for the Trump Organization as the Vice President of development and acquisitions, and he also oversees Trump’s 18 golf clubs. He graduated from Georgetown University, with a degree in business.

The Daughter We Barely Knew Existed


Most of Trump’s children are pretty well-known in the media, even down to ten-year-old Barron. However, Trump does have a child that doesn’t seem to crave this attention, if that is at all believable. Tiffany Trump is 22 years old, and she is the only child born of Donald Trump’s union with Marla Maples. However, like several of Trump’s other children, she is also a student at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a good student, and makes excellent grades. In fact, she even scored an internship at Vogue, although we suspect she had a little help from big half-sister, Ivanka.

How Donald Jr. Met His Wife



While Presidential candidate Donald Trump has never exactly been all that shy about voicing how he has single-handedly assisted his children or other family members with building their now successful lives from the ground up, you may not realize how far this help may have reached. While Donald Trump Sr. was in attendance at a fashion show, he became especially taken with one of the runway models named Vanessa Haydon. He enjoyed her so much, in fact, that he made a special introduction for his son, Donald Jr. The two were eventually married, and they went on to have five children.

Father and Daughter


Ivanka and Donald Trump seem to be constantly posing for photographs together, and it’s not difficult to see why. When it comes to his campaign, Ivanka has seemed to shed a positive light on the way she sees her father and what kind of president she hopes he could be. However, things haven’t always been so beneficial in the media between this father and child. In fact, Trump has been known to make some rather creepy comments about his eldest daughter. In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2015, he made reference to the fact that she was a beauty, and went on to offer suggestion to how he might feel if he weren’t married and her father.

The Trump Brothers Go Hunting


The Trump brother, Donald and Eric, are known to go hunting for big game. This photo of a leopard definitely raised some eyebrows. However, Donald assured reporters that villagers were happy to have the meat.

Diamonds are Ivanka’s Best Friend



Immediately following college, Ivanka began her career as a diamond designer. She seemed to have loved designing, because she also went on to create her own clothing line, including shoes and handbags.

Tiffany Trump has always had a big presence on Instagram. You’ve probably seen her posed on the bow of a yacht, partying with famous friends and traveling to exotic places.

Eric Trump set up the Eric Trump Foundation for a cause that he hoped to support over the years. I’d say he has been pretty successful thus far, because Eric has managed to raise and subsequently donate 30 million dollars to the St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Barron’s Adult-Like Tastes



Barron seems to be somewhat of an unusual child. Even his mother claims that he isn’t like other children, and that he doesn’t like his sheet or anything to have patterns, but that he prefers them to be “clean and white”.

Ivanka on Her Father’s Campaign


As the daughter of a candidate that has come off to so many as being extremely sexist, you would think that, as a strong businesswoman in her own right, Ivanka might be insulted. Instead, she supports Trump, claiming that he is only “very direct”. Some may disagree.

Tiffany Trump hasn’t really decided what she wants to do with her life after college. At least she shouldn’t run out of pocket money while she mulls things over.

The Favorite Trump?



Out of all of the Trump children, Ivanka seems to be the favorite, even in her father’s eyes. In fact, Ivanka has over two million followers on Twitter, as well as a well-liked blog.

No Job Interviews for Donald Jr.


After he received his degree in business studies, Donald Jr. wasn’t exactly scouring the Help Wanted pages. He began to work for his father immediately at the Trump Organization.

With the Trump family, this term takes on an entirely different meaning. While Tiffany Trump was growing up, she attending Viewpoint School. Which only runs about $31,000 a year for tuition.

Celebrity Crush?



I suppose even the daughter of a Presidential candidate can have a movie-star crush. It seems that Ivanka Trump hasn’t been shy about professing hers to be Joaquin Phoenix!

Donald Jr. is all for Legalizing Marijuana


Donald Jr. has been pretty vocal about his feelings toward pot. He even went so far as to say that if it were taxed and legalized, it would stop a lot of crime.

Mommy’s Girl


After his divorce from Marla Maples, Trump supported his daughter, Tiffany, financially. However, Maples has been cited saying that she was actually more of a “single mom”, when it came to actually raising her.

No Nanny for Barron?



Both of Barron’s parents state that he doesn’t have a nanny. However, he does have his own floor at the Trump’s mansion.

Contrary to the typical beliefs of the Republican Party, Donald Jr. seems to be in full support of gay rights. This support has caused a bit of upheaval among many of his father’s right-side supporters.

Sopranos Fan?


Well, we aren’t exactly sure if Eric Trump is a fan of the popular TV show, but Ted Cruz may have wondered. In typical Trump fashion, Eric made a somewhat threatening tweet, depicting a group of characters from this crime-based drama, waiting to show Cruz a good time back in NYC.

Proper Equality



Well, you can never say that Trump doesn’t treat his daughters equally. He managed to find a few creepy things to say about his youngest daughter, Tiffany, as well. He made reference to her beauty, illustrating that she got her “boobs” from her mother.

Ivanka on Motherhood


Ivanka is viewed to be a very good mother to her children. When at all possible, she says that she wants to be the first person that they see upon awakening, and she loves to tuck them in at night.

Eric is the owner of a winery in Charlottesville. In case you were curious, yes, it is called Trump Winery.

Hitting it off with the Media



Eric Trump’s wife, Lara Yunaska, is the associate producer of Inside Edition on CBS. I wonder if that ever proves to be useful for the family.

It may not be common knowledge that Ivanka went through an Orthodox conversion to Judaism back in 2009. She even keeps to a kosher diet.

Trashing Public Schools


Donald Trump Jr. managed to find a few words to say about the country’s public school system, even though he never attended one. He referred to them as “Soviet-era department stores.”

Never Say Never



When asked if she might plan to run for office, Ivanka at first declined that she would. However, she quickly changed her tune by adding that “never” is just too limitless.

Too Soon


It seems that putting your foot in your mouth doesn’t fall too far from the family tree. Donald Jr. angered many people lately by making a distasteful comment about “warming up the gas chamber.”  Perhaps a joke like THAT will always be too soon.

Keep Your Friends Close…


Ivanka Trump seems to be able to maintain her friendships, even against all odds. She has been friendly with Chelsea Clinton for years now, even donating to her mother’s campaign on her first go at the White House.

All in the Family



Trump’s successful reality show, which was not renewed by NBC, became a bit of a family function. Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric have all appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice, but Eric seemed to have avoided the publicity shot.

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