Weird, Sad Facts About Russia That Will Never Stop Surprising You


Winston Churchill famously said that Russia “is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” Russia is also a drunken fistfight wrapped in a potato pancake and dropped in a rusty bucket of tears.

On the one hand, Russia has been one of the world’s great powers for over 300 years. On the other, they’ve managed to have one of the weirdest, most depressing societies that mankind ever produced. They’re powerful, they’re crazy, they’re fascinating: they’re Russia.

Russia pioneered the dashcam because Russians are terrible actors


Never let anyone tell you that live theatre isn’t alive in Russia. Drive a car for more than 10 minutes and someone will definitely run in front of you, fall down and then act like you hit them.

So many of these thespians made stages out of highways that every Russian now uses a dashcam to record every moment of their drive. It’s become a lot harder for the hammy insurance fraudsters to make their living, but just like bad actors anywhere you can find them easily on YouTube.

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