Teammates and Bros, You Say? We Think Not! 11 Shocking Cheating Scandals


Sportspersons lead lives that are full of action, spice and drama. The bigger the sportsperson, the more media attention they get. Scandals are virtually part of the JD for those having such celebrity lifestyles; and when these scandals are to do with adultery, the tongues just don’t stop wagging. Here are 11 shocking scandals where athletes slept with their teammates wives. Appalling we say! Simply appalling!

Rick Manning


In the good old days when Rick Manning was a fantastic centerfield with the Cleveland Indians, he slept with his then struggling teammate and best friend Dennis Eckersley’s wife. When this became public knowledge in 1978, the two players obviously had issues and the sponsors had a decision to make. They dropped Eckersley from the team with the same degree of insensitivity as his wife, who soon left him for Manning. But Eckersley had the last laugh for he began excelling professionally and soon entered the Hall of Fame while Manning was forgotten after a few good seasons.

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