Teammates and Bros, You Say? We Think Not! 11 Shocking Cheating Scandals


Sportspersons lead lives that are full of action, spice and drama. The bigger the sportsperson, the more media attention they get. Scandals are virtually part of the JD for those having such celebrity lifestyles; and when these scandals are to do with adultery, the tongues just don’t stop wagging. Here are 11 shocking scandals where athletes slept with their teammates wives. Appalling we say! Simply appalling!

Rick Manning

In the good old days when Rick Manning was a fantastic centerfield with the Cleveland Indians, he slept with his then struggling teammate and best friend Dennis Eckersley’s wife. When this became public knowledge in 1978, the two players obviously had issues and the sponsors had a decision to make. They dropped Eckersley from the team with the same degree of insensitivity as his wife, who soon left him for Manning. But Eckersley had the last laugh for he began excelling professionally and soon entered the Hall of Fame while Manning was forgotten after a few good seasons.

Jason Richardson

All-round player in the NBA, Jason Richardson jeopardized his own upward shooting career graph by sleeping with a married woman. And she was none other than the wife of his Phoenix Suns teammate Steve Nash. Once the affair was made public, the team struggled to maintain healthy dynamics while Nash struggled to save his marriage. He filed for divorce a day after his wife gave birth to a baby who resembled Richardson more than him. Finally, the team dropped him too.

San Antonio’s ace point guard Tony Parker was married to the gorgeous Eva Longoria and though we can’t fathom why he’d cheat on her, but the fact is that he did! He was suspected of having an illicit relationship with his then teammate Brent Barry’s wife, Erin. Some flirtatious text messages between the two were exposed everything went downhill from there. Worst part is, Parker has once stated that he and Barry were “like family”. Is this what goes on in your family, Parker?

John Terry


Who would have thought that the Chelsea star, England Captain and winner of “Celebrity Father of the Year” title would turn out to be adulterous? But the sad truth is that this father of two, John Terry, was cheating on his wife with teammate Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend – a French underwear model, Vanessa Perroncel. Once the affair came to light, flurried attempts were made to brush everything under the carpet but relationships surely got ruined.

John Harke

Another one of those players who prioritized sex over their careers and friendships, John Harkes had an affair with his teammate Eric Wynalda’s wife, Amy. And that too after having been awarded captaincy of the US World Cup Soccer Team! Once the affair became public, Coach Samson dropped Harke from the team. Unfortunately, the World Cup was just 2 months away and the US team performed abysmally. On the personal front, Harke’s camaraderie with Wynalda obviously ended and the latter got divorced too. Harke’s marriage did not fall apart however, though his adulterous ways are sure to have gotten him in trouble.

Demarco Murray

Before Demarco Murray became a record-setting running back, he used to play in Oklahoma with a little-known athlete Brennan Clay. In the aftermath of Murray’s brilliant NLF stint, Clay made a public statement accusing him of having had sex with his wife. He even filed for divorce though Murray denied any such action on his part. But as they say, there’s no smoke without fire. But then again, Clay’s recent arrest over spousal abuse in 2015, makes one question the legitimacy of his claims.

Pavel Bure


Early in his career, hockey star Sergei Fedorov got hitched to tennis hottie Anna Kournikova who was not the best of players but certainly good looking. After their wedding, Paul Bure, a former teammate and friend of Fedorov got involved with his wife and soon the affair became public. Maintaining his dignity, the betrayed Fedorov broke off the marriage and stayed away from the messy press business.

Avisail Garcia

No one had known much about Avisail Garcia before he made it to the White Sox team. Prior to that, he has actually been a Detroit Tiger, and slept with the team’s first baseman and star player Prince Fiedler’s wife. Once the affair came to light, the team dynamic suffered greatly with many fights and brawls taking place. When the management got to know of it all, Garcia was dropped. But the damage was done – Fielder’s stats nosedived, the team performed badly, and he too was removed.

Wayne Carey

Australian Rules player Wayne Carey has never been the classiest person going about. But he topped his own record of ignominious acts when he slept with his teammate Anthony Stevens’ wife during a team party in a bathroom! Yes, a bathroom. After the huge scandal and media coverage, Carey was dropped from the team and Stevens’ filed for divorce.

Paul Terry


Like his brother John Terry, Paul too took up soccer and John’s adulterous ways. He was playing for Rushden and Diamonds, when he briefly moved in to live with Dale Roberts for a while.

Being the worst houseguest possible, he slept with Roberts’ fiancé Lindsey Cowan. When Roberts got to know, he was devastated; already depressed over an injury, the exposition of the affair pushed him over the edge. He committed suicide and we hope that the surviving cheaters developed major psychological issues over it, if nothing else!

Brendan Shanahan

A young and upcoming hockey player in those days, Brendan Shanahan slept with the wife of his St. Louis Blues teammate Craig Janney. Soon, Janney filed for divorce and moved on, but Shanahan didn’t. He was in love and eventually ended up marrying Janney’s ex-wife. But not everything worked out perfectly. Apparently, the Hockey Hall of Fame pended awarding Shanahan the title for a year in lieu of the cheating scandal he had been caught in.

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