Mom Brings Therapy Dog to Furry Convention and Everything’s OK Again


A woman in Michigan brought her dog to a furry convention last weekend after she mistook the event as a gathering of humans and their furry pets.

Unfortunately for Cheryl Wassus and her Bernese mountain dog, Link, this embarrassing mistake went viral thanks to tweets from her son, who is a producer for New York Media. The tweets amazingly captured the furry dog’s confusion/excitement/fear of meeting these human furries.

This attention led to NY Magazine doing a great interview with momma Wassus, who talks about how prior to this event she didn’t even know there were furries. She also says that while she overall had a good experience, despite the misunderstanding, that she will not be joining along and getting herself a costume for the next one because “You know, you get a little older, a little menopausal, and being in that many layers and layers of fur. No need to be overheating. I’m good.”

And if you are also just learning what a furry is, don’t feel bad. This reporter on Morning Joe on MSNBC found out what a furry is on live TV and didn’t seem to know how to process it or do her job.

So in case you, like Cheryl Wassus and that reporter, are just getting to learn what a furry is: a furry is a person who has a fascination with anthropomorphic animals-or animals who are given human traits. They adopt “fursonas” and have art, animation, comic, books and literature as well as online and convention meet-ups.


They start off by picking a name and wearing just ears and a tail and then slowly create and develop their own character or “fursona,” paying thousands of dollars to have their unique costume created. They say their scene is about creativity, freedom, and community, but of course, there is a sexual element to which includes sexual role-playing fantasies-but not all furries are into this.

There is a lot to take in about all this. Like hours and hours of fur-rocious googling. So to save you from the fate of that costumed rabbit hole, we’ve done it for you and collected some fascinating things about furries

Furries do not consider themselves part animal. People who believe they are not 100% human or have the soul of an animal are known as “Otherkin.” Apparently, even furries often mock Otherkin, just to give you some context as to where they are on the social ladder.

If you are a furry, Tony the Tiger (of Frosted Flakes fame) is your version of a hottie. Or at least that’s the inside joke. But a couple of furries once aggressively tweeted @realtonytiger and he didn’t think that sexual harassment was so grrrr-eat and it led to all furries being blocked from access to Tony the Tiger’s account.

Chester Cheetah (of Cheetos fame) on the other is really into being an icon to furries and welcomed the dismayed fans rejected by that uptight Tiger.

You can follow the soap opera-like saga of it all here.

There’s a scientist whose job is to study furries. Dr. Kathy Gerbasi is a social psychologist and author of Furries from A to Z who heads the Anthropomorphic Research Project.

Not Dr. Gerbasi


Furries have great heart. In 2016, a hotel in the Vancouver area was hosting a large group of Syrian refugees and the VancouFur furry convention and despite that originally being a worrisome double-booking, the Syrian refugee children loved being entertained by the fursuiters. In fact, most furry conventions actually raise money for charities.

And then there are Nazi Furries. Yep. You heard that right. Some furries are adopting a Nazi fursona, even though they some say they don’t actually align themselves with Nazi beliefs. They say they’re not interested in forming a “Furred Reich” and are more into history. Still, it’s not hard to understand why many people and furries aren’t comfortable with this and why some recent conventions have been canceled.

Furries have their own dating sites including and, and apparently single female furries are hard to come by.


And to get you in the spirit-here is an amazing Beyonce cover video of “All the Single Furries!”

Furries love the Disney flick Zootopia and speculated that it was made just for them.

Buzzfeed even reported that Disney hired a marketing firm to reach out to furries to get them to promote the film.

This all, of course, led to a fake news story about a furry orgy breaking out a Zootopia premiere in Portland, OR

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.29.37 AM


I’ve gone so far down the rabbit hole I’m kind of lost on how to end this. I think momma Wassus going to a Furry convention and finding a common bond amongst strangers is fantastic, and I think it really leads me to a bigger point. No matter what other people do, as long as they’re not harming others they should be treated with courtesy and respect.

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