Every Guy Hates It When Women Do This!


Everyone, be it men or women, has a type; a type of person they are attracted to. But there are some common features that are turn-offs for most people, regardless of their “type”. And mostly, there is a reason for this mass dislike for certain traits – they are genuinely off-putting. So ladies, avoid these habits, for the men, they don’t like them!

Smoker’s Breath

Your breath smelling like dry smoke is definitely not going to turn a man on. No kind of foul breath will, and smoker’s breath is amongst the worst. So keep the ciggies away if your man is around, or make sure you have plenty of mouth-freshener, if nothing else.

Too Much Make-Up

This is not to say that make-up is “deceptive” or hides what a woman “really looks like”. Makeup can enhance you assets, yes, but it doesn’t give you a whole new face. The problem is, when women slather on too much of it and without much finesse, it looks like she’s trying too hard.

Obvious Pushiness

Men are strange creatures. They want only that which they can’t get easily. So if a woman is open and obvious about her liking for them, they will immediately recoil. It is then best that you not be overly pushy in winning a man’s affection – be friendly yet elusive, and that’ll keep him coming!

Very Long/Pointy Nails


Now one can’t blame men for being wary of very long or pointy nails. After all, they are something of a nuisance. They get stuck on stuff, they scratch and hurt, and most of all, they are too hard to maintain. Better nail choices, women!

Excessively Strong Perfume

Lovely smelling women are definitely a turn on. But if a woman is reeking of perfume, more likely than not, it’s a cheap concoction that could easily cause a headache. Strong perfumes are fine as long as they have longer silage than more jarring notes.

Dirty Feet

There is something about dirty feet that is very off-putting to men. Perhaps it’s a hygiene thing. Though men are hardly enjoy a good reputation when it comes to personal care, they generally like their women to be well-maintained with clean feet.

Hair Extensions


Long locks are always in vogue but the men, they prefer them natural. There’s just something wrong about putting one’s hand through hair that’s not even real. And cheap, badly done extensions are the worst – it’s so obvious they are fake, you might as well not have them.

Needless Giggling

Laugh as and when you like – that’s fine. But some women have the tendency to giggle needlessly, especially when talking to men, just for getting their attention. It is again seen as a sign of you “trying to hard” – avoid it if possible ladies!

Badly Coloured/Cut Hair

A woman’s hair is one of her most attractive features. If you have tresses that are seriously in need of elegant grooming, you’ll probably not be attracting a lot of men. So, either keep your hair natural, or invest in a good hair colouring session, followed by a complimentary hair cut.

Drunken Phone Calls


Oh no, no, no! Nothing spells desperation more than drunken calls made on a Ladies Night Out to the man you’re into. The phone calls are an embarrassment for you and a pain in the butt for the man. Just talk to him when you’re sober instead.

OTT Reactions

Have you ever felt incredibly annoyed at the stereotypical “girly girl” character on TV who reacts dramatically to everything? “Like OMG, how did you do that?” Well, men don’t like the real-life version of that too. Such women seem silly and fake – not the best combination.

Fake Lips

A sexy pout, if natural, is damn attractive, no doubt. But artificially enhanced lips that look obviously fake are so not. Be it badly done fillers or over-enthusiastic lip-colouring, men find neither too alluring, and honestly, they don’t look good generally either.

Nail Art


Nail art may get very fancy and even look good, but it costs a fortune, and makes women overly obsessed with their nails. Men would prefer you had simpler nails that you didn’t get all worked-up about over the slightest chipping or breakage.

Obsession With Photos

With the “selfie mania” and social media photo frenzy taking over the world by storm, obsession with photos is very common. But men tend to have little patience for women who do everything for the sole purpose of a good picture that they can “upload asap”.

Oversized Sunglasses

We all like to channel Jackie O. every now and then, but well, not everyone has the face structure for it. If oversized sunglasses suit your face, go ahead. But if they make you look like a bug of sorts, go in for another pair that suits you better – you’ll attract the right kind of male attention that way.

Ill-Fitted Clothes



Clothes too tight or too loose distort the beautiful body you have been endowed with. Men like to see women for who they are, so give them a taste of the real you by wearing clothes that fit you well. Flaunt your assets and don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly attracting loads of male attention.

Too Much Possessiveness

Men despise it when women get overly possessive. Yes, it is okay to love your man and show it too. But if you do it with the express purpose of warding off women and not too subtly, your man is not going to like it. Think about it, if the situation was reversed, would you like such behavior? Probably not.

Lack of Personality

There is nothing more unattractive than a woman who has no individuality, no personal opinions, no unique sense of style. You might play into stereotypes thinking that’s what men like, but actually, all intelligent men prefer women who have a strong, distinctive personality.

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