18 Celebrities Caught Cheating… #9 Is The Worst!


Celebrities’ private lives are a matter of public record and scrutiny; whether that is fair or not is a debate for another time. But the fact of the matter is that from time to time, when the paparazzi has known an actor to be cheating on their significant other, the snippet has become frontline news. And this tradition is going to continue. So, here is a list of celebs who have been caught cheating in the past – let them be examples of how not to handle one’s love life!




Madonna’s dating history is one long record. But when she finally married director Guy Ritchie, one really thought that she was settling down. As it turns out, she had been inviting MLB player Alex Rodriguez over to her New York apartment repeatedly, and what was going on inside is not hard to guess. Once Ritchie got picture proof of these frequent visits, he obviously filed for divorce.

Robin Thicke



Though there were rumours afloat about Robin Thicke and actress Paula Patton having an open marriage, it was a downward spiral for the singer after the 2013 VMAs. We don’t know whether it was his decidedly lewd performance with Miley or the volley of women who publicly announced having sexual relations with him thereafter, but something pushed Patton over the edge! She filed for divorce later that year.

LeAnn Rimes



One of the more messy adulterous episodes that Hollywood has seen, LeAnn Rimes’ cheating on husband Dean Sheremet became media fodder in no time. Her boyfriend-on-the-side was none other than Eddie Cibrian who was also married to Real Housewife Brandi Glanville. On their respective spouses’ infidel actions being discovered, both Dean and Brandi voiced their opinions about the same publicly. Both marriages naturally ended and Rimes then married Cibrian.

Ashton Kutcher



While still married to Demi Moore, Hollywood hunk Ashton Kutcher was found getting cosy with two women in a hot tub, with neither being his gorgeous wife. He was then spotted with Mila Kunis on several occasions before the divorce proceedings were over. We are happy for his seemingly stable relationship with Mila now, but his infidel past has blemished his clean record for sure!

Tiki Barber



Former NFL player Tiki Barber’s unfaithful ways raised many an eyebrow. Not only was he found cheating on his wife of 11 years while she was pregnant with his twins, the mistress also happened to be a 23-year old NBC intern. The icing on the cake is that as soon as his then wife Ginny filed for divorce, he got married to his girlfriend, losing his job in the bargain too!

Kristen Stewart



Twilight fans were uber-excited about the lead pair being a couple off-screen too! Their happiness was premature because a few years into the relationship, Kristen Stewart was photographed with the director of her next movie (Snow White and the Huntsmen) Rupert Stewart, seeming too intimate for a platonic relationship. Unsurprisingly so, a few months later, she and Robert Pattinson broke up.

Ryan Philippe



Hollywood’s dream couple back in the day, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe also ended their marriage due to the latter’s infidelity. They had always been perceived as being madly in love which is why Reese filing for divorce left everyone shocked. Well, what else could she do when confronted with photos of Philippe getting real close with Australian actress Abbie Cornish ever so often?

The Dream



Once married to “Dip it Low” hitmaker Christiana Milian, this top producer known as The Dream committed adultery and wasn’t careful enough for it to go unnoticed. When photos of him cozying up to his assistant on a Caribbean beach surfaced, Milian did not hesitate to end the marriage and move on – smart move, we say!




The world may love his music but even his biggest fans were rather shocked at his adulterous ways. Cheating on your spouse is one thing, but doing it with a bridesmaid from your wedding is just cruel. And that’s exactly what Usher did! To top it all, he “opened up” about this cheating business on an interview with Oprah, further diminishing any hopes of dignified handling of the situation.

Coco Austin



Ice-T’s wife Coco Austin was snapped by the paparazzi getting pretty handsy with another rapper AP.9 during an event at Las Vegas. This sizzling model’s inappropriate actions were not just splayed on the news, but AP.9 himself was very candid about what had transpired between the two. Coco too gave a statement expressing embarrassment over her actions. Messy affairs, right?

Ben Maisani



Better known as the ex-boyfriend of Andrew Cooper, Ben Maisani’s claim to fame was his relationship and subsequent breakup with the famed TV personality and journalist. Maisani was snapped holding hands and kissing another man very publicly in NYC. When Cooper saw the evidence, he was naturally heartbroken. He broke up with Maisani and went on a holiday soon.

Jason Aldean



Rocking the charts of country music is not the only passion Jason Aldean didn’t leave untamed. He also got a little too intimate with former American Idol contestant Brittney Kerr, and not too discretely. And all this when he was still married to his high school sweetheart! Our heart goes out to his ex-wife who had to suffer the incredible pain of having to see her ex-husband marry his mistress immediately after the divorce.

Kris Jenner



The Kardashian mommy Kris Jenner has led a dramatically charged life, much like her daughters do now. She has herself admitted to cheating on both her late husband Robert Kardashian, and even Bruce Jenner in their early months of dating. Who was she having an affair with, you ask? Todd Waterman – a young soccer player who never made it too big.

Jude Law



Never thought he was one for typicality did you? But Jude Law completely reinforced the stereotype of the hunky Dad sleeping with his kids’ nanny. Yes, he cheated on his former fiancé Sienna Miller with the nanny, though Miller too was having an affair with actor Daniel Craig. When reports of both of their adulterous actions became public, Law and Miller broke up, only to be reunited years later, but that didn’t last either.

Jessica Simpson



The music industry’s trending power couple back in the day, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey on 98 Degrees weren’t able to sustain their romance. As the story goes, Simpson was spotted exiting Chateau Marmont in a T-shirt belonging to Maroon 5’s lead singer Adam Levine. A short while later, the couple announced that they had broken up.

Kobe Bryant



The popular and famous NBA player Kobe Bryant has many a controversy to his name. One of the most shocking of these were rape allegations alongside cheating rumours that became public through the course of his marriage. Though he denied having raped anyone, Byrant did admit to his adultery. Fortunately for him, his wife was forgiving and took him back. Incidentally, they are still together today.

Katharine McPhee



Another one of those sordid tales where infidelity mingles with legal battles, leading to public embarrassment for all those involved. Singer Katherine McPhee was photographed locking lips with Smash director Michael Morris, while still married to Nick Cokas. Even though she claimed that they got involved after she filed for divorce, Cokas managed to prove otherwise in court, establishing that she had been cheating on him since before.

Tony Parker



Married to the stunning telly star of Desperate Housewives fame, Tony Parker’s sweet romance with Eva Longoria was the stuff that dreams are made off. However, Parker cheated on her, and soon the couple filed for divorce. Thankfully for Eva, moving on wasn’t as difficult when she had the likes of Mark Sanchez and José Antontio Baston lined up for her next!

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