30 Celebs Who Went From Being Fit to Not-So-Fit


Like us lesser mortals, celebrities too do not lead the healthiest of lives all the time. But being in the public eye makes their bodily changes a matter of widespread debate, discussion and analyses. Here is a list of celebrities who have gone from fit to not-so-fit recurrently in the past. Their physique may have changed yes, but they remain to be fabulous and well-appreciated for their work nonetheless.

Playing the endearing Jack Donaghy on NBC’s 30 Rock made Alec Baldwin a household name. He is loved, not just by his huge fan following, but a stunning yoga instructor wife and two beautiful kids as well. We can see how a few extra pounds may not bother him, awesome as his life is. And since he has been doing more of voice work in recent times, the pressure to look his absolute best is also off. Well, one has to love Jack Donaghy anyway, so it’s all fine!

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