30 Celebs Who Went From Being Fit to Not-So-Fit


Like us lesser mortals, celebrities too do not lead the healthiest of lives all the time. But being in the public eye makes their bodily changes a matter of widespread debate, discussion and analyses. Here is a list of celebrities who have gone from fit to not-so-fit recurrently in the past. Their physique may have changed yes, but they remain to be fabulous and well-appreciated for their work nonetheless.

Playing the endearing Jack Donaghy on NBC’s 30 Rock made Alec Baldwin a household name. He is loved, not just by his huge fan following, but a stunning yoga instructor wife and two beautiful kids as well. We can see how a few extra pounds may not bother him, awesome as his life is. And since he has been doing more of voice work in recent times, the pressure to look his absolute best is also off. Well, one has to love Jack Donaghy anyway, so it’s all fine!

Janet Jackson



MJ’s sister Janet had a brief but good run in the music industry for a while back there. She had the voice, the oomph and a gorgeous six-pack to go with it all. But once her shining moment was over, her records dwindled and public appearances were fewer. On the few occasions she has been spotted here and there, it was hard to not notice that her body was not at its healthy and toned best. Knowing what Janet Jackson is capable of, that is quite a disappointment.

Marlon Brando



The Godfather’s downward spiral is also something to talk about. A two-time Oscar Winner and worshiped by his fans, Marlon Brando was a muscular hunk back in the day. But as he aged, both his movies and fitness levels took a negative dive. His diet was apparently completely unhealthy with loads of chicken and ice cream in every meal. With such eating habits, it is not surprising that his body and health suffered greatly.

Remember Kelly LeBrock of The Woman in Red fame? Or maybe you know her as the ex-wife of Steven Seagal with whom she had 3 kids. She lit up the screen in her sexy red dress some 30 years ago, recreating the magic of (Marilyn Monroe-esque) blown-up-dress moments. Her petite frame is however, a thing of the past. She’s a curvy gal now and still gorgeous for her age.

Steven Seagal



When Steven Seagal began his career, no one could stop talking about his lean physique and prowess at martial arts. He starred in numerous action movies, impressing his audiences with some killer moves. But his journey has been fraught with just too many controversies and off-late, his growing size has been one of them. Isn’t it far more disappointing when someone who was uber-fit gradually just gives up?

Chantelle Houghton



This reality star took the television world by storm with her Celebrity Big Brother stint in 2006. Though she was uber-fit and virtually flawless back then, she struggled with keeping her body as such soon after. She gained even more weight post her pregnancy; though off-late she has been more vigilant about the same. Apparently, she has adopted a more healthy diet and strict fitness regime in the hopes of getting back her well-toned body.

Val Kilmer



Who didn’t drool over the bad-good guy in Top Gun? Oh yes, we all did! Val Kilmer had some killer abs and hunky charm back then, which he further exploited in Batman Returns. But off-late, the paparazzi have been capturing a Val Kilmer very different from his glorious, youthful self. Gone is the chiselled body and boy, do we miss it or what! Still, the man has left his mark in the film industry, and one has only to watch his old movies to be reminded of his former hotness.

Kirstie Alley



Having enjoyed a pretty successful acting career with two Emmy’s and one Gloden Globe in her kitty, Kirstie Alley has always been a glam doll. Be it with her original claim-to-fame role of Rebecca in Cheers or the recent participation in Dancing with the Stars, she has always managed to win our hearts, no matter what her weight be. Though of course it is hard to ignore her yo-yoing weight which has varied much in the past few years, her onscreen charisma keeps her fans happy.

John Travolta



The young, dashing hunk who rocked the 70ies, John Travolta has never evaded the public eye ever since. His off and on appearances in movies and on TV has made it possible to clearly trace the change in his physique. The thing is though, given his commanding personality and handsome features, one tends not to fixate upon his body. May he continue to charm us with his effervescence.

Jessica Simpson



Jessica Simpson rose to fame with her very first single “I Wanna Love You Forever”. And then there was just no looking back. Except may be upon the fact that today she looks vastly different from how she did in 1999. However, she has a wonderful voice, an enviable list of high-profile celebrity exes, an on-going happy marriage and two beautiful babies as well. So, how does it matter if she has gained a few pounds – we love her anyway!

Ryan Gosling



Ryan Gosling’s body has been a subject of worldwide scrutiny and its understandable why – the man is simply gorgeous! But he gained a lot of weight in 2008, causing panic attacks all over the place. Thankfully, it was just for a role in The Lovely Bones which he then did not end up playing. He soon lost the extra pounds, returning to his former, heart-stopping glory. Thank the Lord, seriously!

Oh Kelly, Kelly, Kelly! She has been America’s Sweetheart of sorts, ever since her victory at American Idol in 2002. Not only did has she wowed her fans with some top-of-the-charts albums, the “Miss Independent” hitmaker has a wonderful marriage and adorable baby girl to go back home to. Maybe that’s why she does not have body image issues and confidently shuts down the fat-shamers who have a lot of opinions about her weight – you go, girl!

A big, big man standing 6 feet, 5 inches tall, Vince Vaughn’s bodily form is obviously hard to ignore. Counted amongst Hollywood’s leading comic actors, he has managed to his once-taut body is no longer so. He now has the figure of a middle-aged man which is fine by us, for that’s the kind of roles he plays in movies anyway. And he has already won our hearts with his incredible comic timing and nothing, no amount of weight gain, can change that.

Britney Spears



Those days when Britney was ruling the charts and hearts of millions worldwide make for great reminiscence. Back then, a beautiful belle of just 20, she had a body to die for. Like seriously. Her fitness levels were commended by the entire industry for she was known to work on her body really hard. Unfortunately, she suffered from serious mental health issues 2007 onwards. Naturally, her body suffered and we all have been waiting to see Britney’s earlier avatar ever since.

Jon Favreau



Exposing his buff body to the world in Swingers, John Favreau’s most successful endeavour was playing Tony Stark’s bodyguard in the Iron Man series. Over the years, he has dabbled in the writing, direction and production of various movies and one can see how he didn’t have time to attend to his body. Since his infrequent onscreen performances are always in sync with the current state of his physique, one focuses on his work and not workout (or seeming lack of one thereof). Perfectly reasonable, right?

Raven Symone



This Cheetah Girl, best known for her role in Disney Channel’s hit show That’s So Raven, Raven Symone’s body has been many shapes and sizes in the past few years. Ever since she has been a member of the industry, much attention has been given to her radically fluctuating size, and supporters as well as haters have been very vocal about their opinion. But this sassy belle is unconcerned by all of this – we admire her for confidence in the wake of strong public backlash.

Mariah Carey



An absolute bomb in her bold, blingy outfits, Mariah Carey never failed to impress with her unique voice and personal style. Always one with a penchant for skin-show, the flipside was that when she wasn’t looking her best and chose to cover up, her fully-clad form drew much media attention. And in the recent past, she has been in the new more because of her frequent body transformations, more than her music. Come on Mimi, reclaim your former glory and wow us again!

Leonardo DiCaprio



Lord of the Ladies, Leonardo DiCaprio, finds his way into this list. Before your eyes pop out and ears start steaming, it is unclear yet that the extra pounds he has sporting lately are for a movie role or due to natural weight gain. Knowing him, method actor that he is, the former possibility seems more likely. Either way, Fit or Not-So-Fit, this Titanic legend will still rule the hearts of all women across the world. Ah, the man is just so beautiful!

Ah, this rom-com queen, how can she be off the list? A committed actor and perfect girl-next-door, Renee Zellweger gained some 30 pounds for the Bridget Jones Diary movies. Outside of her work commitments though, she has always maintained an admirable level of fitness and we expect no less of her. But this bubbly star has wowed us so often that her physique wouldn’t bother us very much anyway – we love her too much!

Gerard Butler



Gerard Butler is another one of those actors who has altered his physique to suit a role many a times. The world loved his bulky, chiselled body in 300, but admires a leaner version of him too. The only worry is that Butler is fond of his alcohol and that on a downhill journey is not the best for the body. We can only pray to the Gods of the Body to please keep him fit forever, so get chanting!

Cute and funny, Hilary Duff is America’s favourite child-artist-turned-singer. She has had a successful career graph and we couldn’t be happier for her. She never really bothered with the look of model-esque thinness and one can appreciate her for her intelligent stance on healthy-body-image. But she was always fit and toned, except for a brief while post her pregnancy. She shed that weight soon too, and looks as gorgeous as ever. More credit to her for embracing her body the way it is!

Matt Damon



Many eyebrows are hitting the roof thinking of an unfit Matt Damon. Relax those brows because this Bourne series star put on some pounds exclusively for a role in The Informant. He reportedly gorged on fast food, unhealthy snacks and beer to gain the weight but shed it all off, as soon as the filming was done. We cannot thank the Gods enough for this speedy transformation for a world where Matt Damon is not absolutely gorgeous is just not as beautiful.

Tyra Banks



This former Victoria Secret Angel had a body of the kind that fantasies are made of. She still looks wonderful for her age, though her fitness levels have varied from time to time. The good part is that she is unabashedly honest about her changing body and completely at peace with the way she looks. Staying true to her girl-power-roots that distinguished her in the modelling industry, we love her sassiness and progressive take on feminine beauty.

Pierce Brosnan



What can one say about the best James Bond cinema has ever seen? That he is hunky as hell? That countless women drool over him, even as he has crossed 60? That it’ll never matter what his body is like, he is always going to be super-loved? Well, you know all this is absolutely true. Even as Brosnan no longer has the killer bod’ he had in his youth, his personality is as sexy as ever. No wonder he is still getting movie roles and rocking the screen in his aged avatar too!

Oh P!nk, you cutesy punk queen! This Sober hitmaker has so many awesome singles to her name, the mind still reels. Add to this mix, the unique, bold attitude she brings to the table and you have incredible star-power right before you. Though P!nk has always been fit, she is known to have gained some weight post her pregnancy and that’s completely understandable. As it is, even if she were to be greatly obese, neither she nor anyone would actually fixate on her body – that’s the kind of aura of empowerment she projects!

Russell Crowe



The Gladiator star is a magnet for controversies and it seems that all the unhealthy indulgences he is associated with, have heavily impacted his body. Once a lean and mean celeb, today he can no longer boast of the former attribute. His alcoholism may be responsible for the loss of his fit physique. Still, his acting career is progressing decently. One only wonders how much more he could do if he adopted a healthier lifestyle.

Another celebrity whose body has seen many changes through the course of the career, Christina Aguilera is awesome nonetheless. Her scintillating live performances have kept her fans coming, and she since she is unafraid to flaunt her body no matter what state it is in, she has won over the feminist world too. You have to give the woman credit though, she has borne 2 kids in that belly and still, from time to time, it looks washboard thin and toned!

Mathew Perry



This is the most painful Fit to Not-So-Fit tales to recount! Our beloved Chandler from Friends is no longer the healthy and fit man he used to be. A combination of age, alcohol and drugs has affected his physique and looks, much to our disappointment. However, he is still as wonderfully funny as he used to be, back in the day. So, as long as he keeps us laughing with his comic telly-based productions, his body won’t matter so much. He needs to stay healthy for his own good though.

Brendan Fraser



This actor has an interesting career graph with several goofy comedies and interesting thrillers to his name. His good comic abilities, sexy washboard abs and charming persona made him quite an all-rounder. Today, though, he may be funny and likeable still, but his six pack is long gone. But that’s okay – the kind of roles he is doing now suit his physique and we love him for his papa-bear vibe!

Selena Gomez



This teenage star’s transformation from a sweet, cute girl to a sexy siren is truly amazing – the woman has to be genetically blessed! However, her weight has tended to fluctuate a lot in recent times and social media has never failed to point this out. It may be because she is undergoing treatment for Lupus, or perhaps due to her hectic schedule which cuts down on gym time. Either way, the Good For You hitmaker loves her body as it is and makes no bones about it – more power to you, girl!

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