10 Idiots Who Got Arrested Because of Facebook


Remember that time when our lives weren’t ruled by social media? People used to get arrested for crimes and not their general stupidity (for the most part!). But those golden days are gone. Today, there are numerous silly people going about, who don’t know just where to draw the line with their Facebook posts; so much so, that some even got arrested for them! Here are some classic cases of idiocy that led to jail visits based on Facebook posts. Prepare to be amazed.

The Great Facebook Event


Source: reportergary.com

One may not love their teachers but, well, such is life. You tolerate them, they tolerate you, and life goes on. Unless you are six silly girls from a school in Nevada – in which case, you may indulge in the juvenile act of creating an event named “Attack a Teacher Day” and invite 100 students to participate. Whether this was a joke or not is irrelevant, for law enforcement officials booked these girls since they were posing a threat to the school’s non-violent environment.

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