10 Idiots Who Got Arrested Because of Facebook


Remember that time when our lives weren’t ruled by social media? People used to get arrested for crimes and not their general stupidity (for the most part!). But those golden days are gone. Today, there are numerous silly people going about, who don’t know just where to draw the line with their Facebook posts; so much so, that some even got arrested for them! Here are some classic cases of idiocy that led to jail visits based on Facebook posts. Prepare to be amazed.

The Great Facebook Event


One may not love their teachers but, well, such is life. You tolerate them, they tolerate you, and life goes on. Unless you are six silly girls from a school in Nevada – in which case, you may indulge in the juvenile act of creating an event named “Attack a Teacher Day” and invite 100 students to participate. Whether this was a joke or not is irrelevant, for law enforcement officials booked these girls since they were posing a threat to the school’s non-violent environment.

Prison Escape


If one were to successfully execute a prison break, what’d be their next step? Going underground? Going far, far away from the place of arrest? Staying low-key? Something of this sort, right? Well, that’s not how Craig “Lazie” Lynch rolls. When he manages to escape prison, he immediately logs on to Facebook to post pictures taunting the police and mocking their capabilities. No wonder he wound up in jail for some petty robberies in the first place – not the smartest criminal, is he?

What’s So Funny?


“Lol” is one of the most commonly abused acronyms in the world of social media. If FB posts are anything to go by, people tend to “laugh out loud” with pathological frequency. In fact, 18-year-old Paula Asher got a DUI after an episode of drunk driving and hitting another vehicle, and posted this on Facebook: “My dumb a—got a DUI and hit a car LOL”. The judge involved in the case did not find her actions funny and asked her to take down her social media account altogether. When the defiance Asher refused to do so, she was ordained to think about what she did in a prison cell for two days. We guess she wasn’t loling then.

The Worst Food-Photos Ever



Social media enthusiasts and food lovers often post pictures of what they eat; from the most ordinary DIY meal to that fancy food at the high-end restaurant, they will put everything up on FB. Mostly, no one cares for these posts, but if you’re eating something illegal, turns out, the authorities do care very much. An American couple posted a series of photos of catching an iguana, grilling it and then two men eating it. We don’t know whether feasting on this rare, protected species got the couple many Likes on FB. It did get them arrested for sure!

The Mom and The Bong


A Florida-based 19-year old posted a picture of her baby holding a bong pipe on FB. Social media furore brought attention to the authorities who soon had her under arrest. But, this didn’t do much for her intellect for she went ahead to defend her actions claiming that there was no bowl in the tobacco pipe and she would “never ever ever let him get high”. We believe in your parenting girlie, we so do.

The Risky Rapping


Rap songs are full of odd lyrics and uncanny claims and that’s okay. But one needs to know where to draw the line. Aspiring rapper Cameron D’Ambrosio posted some of his lyrics on Facebook and this is what they were: “F— a Boston bombinb [sic] wait til u [sic] see the s— I do, I’ma [sic] be famous for rapping, and beat every murder charge that comes across me.” The authorities took him for making terrorist threats though he was acquitted after a month in June 2013. Still, you gotta watch what you rap!

But She Was Just Poking!



What do you do when someone issues a restraining order against you? Not go Poke them on Facebook for sure! Shannon D. Jackson was taken into custody when she ‘poked’ the woman who got a restraining order against her. The action was deemed a violation of the order though Jackson felt that she was innocent; after all, she had just Facebook poked the lady. Yes, Shannon, your actions seem completely normal. Not.

Be Careful What You “Like” on FB


There’s no guidebook for how to react when you see yourself listed on a Crimestoppers Facebook Page. Having said that, it’s only common sense to not go ahead and “Like” the post, unless you really want the police to get to you. Levi Charles Reardon did exactly that in spring 2015, Liking the post regarding himself, from his personal account, registered under his real full name. When he was apprehended and jailed, he admitted that he was quite “surprised” that his Facebook blunder had gone viral. Well, stupidity does sell Levi, it really does.

Posing With Pistols Has Its Consequences


Kristin Holmes probably did not see this coming, but she was being decidedly unwise during a Facebook dispute. In the middle of all the online mudslinging and name-calling, she uploaded a photo of herself pointing a pistol. The caption read: So you know the difference when u (sic) come find me.” Soon, the police came to “find her” and took her in. Holmes still insists that “it wasn’t a threat” but just “a funny picture. Work on that warped sense of humour girl!

That’s How You Get a Guy



Indonesian resident Farah Nuz Arafah was arrested and sentenced to 75 days of jail-time on account of defaming another girl using Facebook. 18-year-old Farah called her romantic rival Felly Fandini a dog, pig, overweight and promiscuous girl. What may have begun as a childish one-upping match, resulted in her being slapped with defamation charges. We don’t know if Felly got the guy they were both fighting over, but we get why he’d prefer a non-ex-convict.

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