This Dog Looks Stunning Now, But Wait Until You See Where She Came From


Stray animals lead a difficult life. Homeless and incredibly helpless, they wander the street scrounging for food, often falling victim to diseases in the process. Animal lovers are especially saddened by the state of strays they spot, and every once in a while, there are these wonderful instances of kind, generous individuals opening their homes and hearts for these poor, needy animals.

Such is the story of Kelsey too. She was an emaciated stray dog who was suffering from numerous diseases. Parasites had been chewing up her skin, her fur was almost gone, open wounds dotted her frame and she was severely sunburnt in some places too.

Mercifully, a family spotted her trudging down the street and decided to rescue her. They tried to coax her into their car, and much to their surprise, she was more than willing; this speaks volumes of her desperate condition, and how very noble the family’s gesture was.

The family named the stray Kelsey and literally gave her a new life. They took her to the hospital immediately where the doctors assessed her condition and developed a plan for her rehabilitation. She was significantly underweight, with her body covered in sores and these are the issues they decided to address first. She was given a hearty meal and then bathed with gentle care.

What everyone noticed and commended was that despite having lived in despicable conditions, Kelsey was sweet and affectionate. She seemed to be grateful to her caregivers and was not once suspicious or aggressive. And thus, after her initial treatment, she was brought home by the family who had all already bonded and fallen in love with Kelsey.

Once at home, her recovery was speedy. Kelsey spent a lot of time in the soft grass and shining sun. She mingled with other dogs and pets in the vicinity. She developed a playful character, very different from the shivering, cautious mess she earlier was.

In terms of her health, she began eating well, steadily growing to a desirable size. Her skin healed too and soon, her furry coat was restored. Today, she looks nothing like the weak, diseased creature the family had found on the road. She looks a pedigree dog that has had the finest of lives. And all of this is courtesy the generosity of one family who devoted themselves to saving Kelsey’s life.


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