50+ Facts On Cats That You Never Knew


Cats are beautiful, majestic creatures that have always fascinated human beings in one way or another. Here are some facts about cats that you probably didn’t know.

On an average, a cat sleeps for about two-thirds of the day. Lazy much?


Source: stuffpoint.com

Cats are most active at night. The time between dusk and dawn are their natural hunting hours, so of course they want to sleep a lot during the day to conserve their energy. Most of these sleeps however, will be the humble catnap where they doze lightly reserve their energy but able to spring up and pounce at any moment. They will have deep sleeps too but these are shorter and more frequent. On average cats can sleep up to 15 hours a day! What a life! Up at twilight for a run, a pounce, climb or a stalk.
They also adjust their sleeping patterns to feeding times, and to coincide with the social times of the humans they love, especially house cats. They will have trained their bodies to have a day more like your own than an outdoor cat that wants to chase the mouse from sun down and come back in the morning for a good lie in.

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