27 Scariest Places on Earth. #13 Will Give You Goose Bumps!


Fort East Martello, Key West, Florida


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Fort East Martello may seem like just another seaside fort, once built to protect Key West, Florida, during the Civil War. But paranormal seekers everywhere visit for another reason altogether. They come for Robert the Doll.
Robert the Doll has been considered to be one of the most haunted “items” in all of the world. Some believe that this is case of demonic possession, and others that it is some sort of eerie enigma. Yet, most seem to agree that this is no ordinary doll.
Robert belonged to a boy named Gene, who was fond of telling his parents that Robert was playing all of the nasty pranks about the house. Robert stayed with Gene until his death, at which time Robert was taken to the house of a single woman, who claimed that things were moved from one room to the next when she was home alone. She decided it was best to donate the doll to Fort East Martello, hoping that the fort could contain whatever evil lived within the doll.
Today, visitors may peer at Robert through thick plexi-glass, often wondering if he has, in fact, slowly moved a leg or whispered a word.

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