27 Scariest Places on Earth. #13 Will Give You Goose Bumps!


There are some people who really love a good scare. In fact, they will traverse the globe in search of that one thing… that one place that will raise the hairs on their arms and send chills down their spines. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Halloween is the only time to go in search of the creepiest and the scariest, because there are places that do not exist on the plane of time, and they seem to beckon to visitors… no matter the season. So turn on the lights and listen carefully for a creaking in the hallway, or pay close attention when the candlelight flickers, as we explore some of the absolute most terrifying places on the planet.

Island of Dolls, Mexico


Source: www.emlii.com

Located a bit south of Mexico City, this silent, eerie island sees thousands of visitors, all arriving to see the creepy dolls hanging in trees and hoping to perhaps catch a glimpse of the ghost of a young girl.
Julian Santana Barrera came to live on this island for a little bit of peace and quiet, but what he found was the body of a child… floating sadly in a nearby canal. But what came afterwards was even more terrifying. Barrera began to hear the tortured screams of the girl and, when he could take it no longer, he began to hang dolls in the trees, hoping to quell her sadness and anger.
Fifty years later and after the death of Barrera, his family has opened the island to tourists, seeing if they, too, may be able to hear the whispers of the dolls.

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