10 Strange Real-Life Occurrences that Belong in An X-Files Episode


There are a lot of inexplicable occurrences that people across the world are known to have experienced. Some of them are so bizarre that one tends to think these stories are either fabricated or a product of a disturbed psyche. But what do you do when there are official records and verified accounts that cannot be ignored? Well, you know what they say – reality is stranger than fiction and hearing these tales, we are inclined to agree. Read on to know about some real-life occurrences that could be right out of an X-Files episode.

The Humming Town of Taos


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While all of us tend to absorb ambient noises without noticing, they are all attributable to identifiable sources such as the weather, animals and insects and so on. But what about a constant unexplained hum that only few people can hear? What is that? Well, no one knows! The people of a small town in New Mexico called Taos have been living with this hum for decades. Interestingly, only 2% of the residents’ report of hearing it, some describing it as a rumble, others as a low murmur. Doctors and scientists have ruled out possibilities such as tinnitus, mass aural hallucinations, seismic activity and ecological abnormality too.

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