10 Barbie Dolls That Weren’t As Cute As They Were Controversial


In the times when technology hadn’t taken over our lives, kids occupied themselves with things such as toy cars, kitchen sets and Barbies. These Barbies were a Mattel Product and a favourite in almost every girl’s toy-chest. Over the years, Mattel created hordes and hordes of Barbies of different kinds, based on various themes, functionalities, freebies and so on. But not all of these were able to win their audiences’ hearts. Some ended being more controversial than cute and here’s a list of such Barbies that were not well-received in the market.

Midge Hadley


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Somehow, even today, the idea of playing with a pregnant doll just seems kind of wrong. But Mattel introduced Midge Hadley aka Pregnant Barbie as Barbie’s best friend in 1963. She was part of the Happy Family Line which comprised of her long-time boyfriend Alan Sherwood and three children other than the one in her belly. Though in principle, it may have been a good way of naturalising birth and pregnancy for children, parents were concerned that this Barbie’s age was unsuitable for childbirth, thus giving children the wrong values and notions.

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