16 Celebs Who Look Insanely Hot In Yoga Pants


Yoga pants are one of those things everyone has an opinion about. Some people find them to be very comfy alternatives to other bottom-wear and gym-gear. Others feel they are too form-fitting and casual to be worn anywhere people can see them. And of course, most men find them to be God’s best gift to…well, let’s just say the fashion world.

No matter what others think about this yoga pants’ trend, the following celebrities have been flaunting their curves in them for a while now. And boy, do they look good or what! See for yourself and decide.

This reality star is known for having the best booty ever. And when she dons a pair of yoga pants, you can see why! They flatter her figure and remind the world that curvy bodies are just so attractive. Look at Kim, empowering women all over!

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