16 Celebs Who Look Insanely Hot In Yoga Pants


Yoga pants are one of those things everyone has an opinion about. Some people find them to be very comfy alternatives to other bottom-wear and gym-gear. Others feel they are too form-fitting and casual to be worn anywhere people can see them. And of course, most men find them to be God’s best gift to…well, let’s just say the fashion world.

No matter what others think about this yoga pants’ trend, the following celebrities have been flaunting their curves in them for a while now. And boy, do they look good or what! See for yourself and decide.

Kim Kardashian



This reality star is known for having the best booty ever. And when she dons a pair of yoga pants, you can see why! They flatter her figure and remind the world that curvy bodies are just so attractive. Look at Kim, empowering women all over!

Mila Kunis



Mila’s upward-shooting career graph from child-star to A-list celebrity has catapulted her into bright limelight. The media now follows her every move, especially since her relationship and pregnancy with Aston Kutcher’s baby. And when she puts on a pair of fitted yoga pants, the shutterbugs can’t get enough of her!

Jen Selter



A fitness model par excellence, Jen Selter breathes new meaning to the term “Instagram Celebrity”. Her fame rests heavily upon her great derriere, which has girls going green and boys going crazy. With such a beautiful bottom, no guessing what her favourite clothing is – yes, yoga pants it is!

Jenifer Lawrence



America’s latest sweetheart, JLaw knows how to wear a pair of yoga pants to perfection. The best part is, she candidly admits to not loving the gym and disliking too much exercise like any one of us. Her body then is au naturale. Another one of nature’s wonders, we guess.

Iggy Azalea



This bold lassie has a big, beautiful derriere which she flaunts with much panache. By her own admission, while half the people she meets are in awe of her yoga-pants-clad butt, others think she needs to slim it down. Iggy, herself? She doesn’t care! Thankfully for us, she continues to strut about in her figure-hugging yoga pants.

Jenny McCarthy



A well-known TV personality and fitness enthusiast, Jenny McCarthy can look beautiful and elegant in just about anything. Her love affair with yoga pants has no different outcome. When she puts on a pair of these tighties, her body looks as stunning as ever. 

Vanessa Hudgens



Though we might still be caught in the time when Vanessa was the sweeter-than-honey lead in the High School Musical series, she definitely isn’t. Juggling her multiple commitments like a pro, she also manages to fit in a strict fitness regime into her routine. And we can see the fruits of her labour when she shows them off regularly in her yoga pants.

Kristen Bell



This gorgeous actor of House of Lies fame, Kristen Bell looks fabulous even in her thirties. She is often snapped wearing yoga pants when leaving the gym or in between shoots. And does she look good or what? We so need tips on how to look that good in pants that are literally skin tight.

Zoe Saldana



Known for her power-packed roles in many successful movies, you have to just glance at Zoe Saldana to tell that she works hard on her body. No wonder her toned bottom looks wonderful in yoga pants. And she wears them like a fashion statement, no less; glamour and fitness combined!

Eliza Dushku



Made famous by her role in Buffy and the Vampire Slayer, Eliza Dushku now does a million jobs, appearing in TV shows, doing small roles in movies and working as a voice-over artist. It is not surprising that yoga pants are her go-to outfit, perfect for running around as they are.

Jessica Biel



This actor takes us back to the 90’s when shows like 7th Heaven were an important part of our lives. Today, we have all moved on though Jessica Biel continues to leave us awed with her poise and beauty. She is someone who prefers being comfy over all else. And that’s why she has been spotted in yoga pants so often during her pregnancy. Another fun fact; she looks awesome in them!

Kate Hudson



Known for her long reign in the industry where she built an impressive career for herself, Kate Hudson has always stood out above her contemporaries. And she works hard to distinguish herself, especially when it comes to her uber-fit body. See her in a pair of yoga pants and you know that for her, it’s not a fashion choice or comfort outfit; she works out in them and it shows!

Katy Perry



Katy Perry is one of those edgy stars who couldn’t care less what the world thinks. She roams around in her yoga pants frequently, embracing the ease and comfort they assure. You can see every toned contour on her body in such an outfit and the singer is happy to oblige. Katy, more power to you, girl!

Miley Cyrus



Not that is another star who is hell bent on making her own rules. And all said and done, she has a great body of work to back up her antics. But outside of the show-biz, this girl loves her yoga pants. She can rock a pair of these tighties on any day of the week and look great in them – guess all that twerking’s paid off, eh?

Ariana Grande



This young singer has taken the industry by storm and we greatly admire her style and oomph. And it seems like her killer moves and time in the gym is really paying off. Just watch her flaunt her shapely derriere in yoga pants and you’ll know what great booties are all about!

Candice Swanepoel



 This gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model is widely known in the industry for having a stellar body. She is a yoga enthusiast and you can see why once you have a look at her in yoga pants. Her toned butt and beautiful legs are seriously something to watch out for!

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