What’s Her Poison? 10 Drinks and What They Say About Her


A person’s preference in alcohol says a lot about their personality. Just as a woman’s clothes and manner of speech are reflections of herself, so is that drink in her hand. It is a subtle manifestation of her attitude and approach to life, and that is an interesting thing to know. So here are some of the drinks women are commonly spotted with and what they tell you about her.


Margarita-lovers are bubbly, talkative girls who have been there, done that. Spot a giant glass in her hand and you know she has a lot of stories to tell. She will talk freely and does not dismiss anyone rudely, even if she is not interested. Once she starts talking though, she’ll talk about so many things all at once, the mind almost reels.

Cranberry Vodka

It may be strange but the woman holding this bright, strong drink is actually rather shy. She doesn’t know how to talk to random people and will need a few glasses of drink before she begins opening up. Such women are interesting once they get talking, but tend to be private about their personal life and love interests. Sweet and caring, cranberry-vodka-drinkers are sensitive yet strong.

Red Wine

A classic drink of the rich and indulgent, red wine is for women who have a strong, refined and striking personality. Such a woman is hard to ignore, though she never vies for attention. She is elegant and dignified and expects the same classiness in her men. Do not mess with such a woman for she will not stand to be treated unjustly.

White Wine


White wine is the spirited girl’s drink. It is something girls enjoy in their youth, taking in copious amounts, sometimes straight from the bottle. Women who prefer white wine tend to have extreme moods – they will either party hard or binge-drink during a Netflix marathon. See a woman with white wine and know that she is probably still finding her true self.

Sex on the Beach

This is a cocktail loved by the wild, party animal. She’ll probably love the beach, have a great body or be working towards one and have many men competing for her attention. She knows how to have a good time and anyone with her should gear up for a rollercoaster ride of experiences. The STB-drinker attracts and revels in the attention she gets from multiple sources.


Women who drink beer are outgoing, humble and very easy-going. They are fun loving and usually have a great sense of humour. One cannot get bored around them and they thus attract much male attention. A woman who drinks beer will probably go to extreme lengths for the one she loves, and may often suffer on account of being quite easy to manipulate.

Typical Malt Beverages


Such inexpensive drinks are either for women who are underage or too short on cash to afford something better. In either case, they are not likely to be very cautious or socially correct, though being around them generates much entertainment. See a girl with a cheap, fuzzy drink and you know that she has a lot of growing up to do.

Now the woman wielding Four Loko is either too young to be drinking or has some great demons she is fighting. She has the kind of free-spirited outlook on life that comes from a series of bad experiences that leave one silly and broken. You may spot her at rowdy concerts or off on random holidays/trips – a little too whacky and unpredictable for the conventional being.


Cosmopolitan-drinkers are the archetypal divas who are always dressed well, no hair out of place. They love attention and tend up have a dramatic quality in everything they do. Such women may be slightly airy, somewhat narcissistic, but they are not simple to understand. It takes people a while to get past their glamour and get to the sensitive woman hidden beneath it all.



Women who love their Sangrias are absolutely fascinating. They have the most intriguing things to say and a very interesting perspective on love, life and everything else. Such women make quite an impression even in one meeting. Their words and persona have a grace that is very attractive. Those looking for stable partners and long-term relationships flock to them.

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