What Happens When You’re Not a Celeb but Celebrity Adjacent? Eye-Opening Tales of 10 Star Siblings


Have you ever wondered about the lives of celebrities’ families and friends? Do they enjoy the same privileges and opportunities? Are they rich and famous and happy too? Well, there is no one answer that’s applicable to all celebs and their relations. There are some cases where stars have gone ahead and allowed their loved ones in-roads into the glamour industry. There are also cases of fights, estrangements and broken relationships. Here’s a list of celebrity siblings who have not had a similarly glitzy life. Read on to find out why.

Leon Hendrix


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This is one of the most appalling stories of bad star-sibling relationships. Jimi Hendrix’s brother Leon was severely impoverished to the extent that he was once caught stealing fur coats. But Jimi was not concerned with his brother’s depraved ways, which became all the more evident after the singer’s death. He left all of his assets to his father, who in turn left Leon just a gold place from Jimi’s album after his death.

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