Status Update on the Past 14 American Idol Winners – Who’s Doing What Now


American Idol has brought some great singing talent to light and changed many lives. Some of the winners have made it big. Like really big. And we love them for it. There’s just something about a talent-based rise to fame that’s very heartening. Some winners have not been as successful, though, and we can only wonder why. So here’s a status update on all the past 14 winners of American Idol and what they are doing now.

Kelly Clarkson (2002)


This first season winner has exploited her vocal chords for fame, riches and fan-love ever since her victory. She has released 7 studio albums so far and won 3 Grammy awards. Her latest album Piece By Piece was a huge success too and won her 2 more of such prestigious nominations. Clearly, she made the most of the opportunities American Idol opened up for her!

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