Selfies More Dangerous Than Sharks?! That’s What the Stats Say…


When the selfie went from being a fad to a phenomenon, we embraced it with open arms. When we say our social media news feeds full of selfies, we ‘liked’ or double-tapped them dutifully. But now, accepting the idea of “selfie deaths” is somewhat more difficult.


Yes, selfies have now been added to the list of possible causes for death in human beings. Statistical records suggest that in 2015, more selfie-taking-activities ended in loss of human life than shark attacks. While the latter have been responsible for 8 deaths (out of a total of 74 incidents of unprovoked shark violence), selfie-related accidents have led to 12 reported deaths. Yes, 12 people’s desire for a killer selfie (pun intended, sorry!) has led them to their deathbed.

You’re probably wondering how selfies have turned out to be this fatal. Well, 4 of the 12 incidents were related to falls incurred in the process of clicking a selfie. For instance, recent reports suggest that a 66-year-old Japanese tourist succumbed to injuries that occurred when he fell down some steps at the Taj Mahal while trying to click a selfie.


Similar incidents, albeit at different locales and modes of occurrence, have been observed across the world; not all have been fatal, though 4 people have certifiably died of selfie-related falls. Other than this, train-related selfies have taken a major toll on human life. Those who met their tragic end this way were either trying to click a picture with a train or tried to use some dangerous train equipment while getting the shot. Some isolated freak incidents have also been observed, such as where a 19-year-old American male died by shooting himself in his throat by accident, while trying to take a selfie with a loaded gun.

All these reports make you think – has the selfie mania gone too far? When the American Psychology Association deemed selfie-clicking a disorder, we laughed it off as a gross exaggeration. But now, one is forced to think – it can’t be particularly healthy if “selfie deaths” have become a reality!

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