Ronnie Brower’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey – 425 Lb in 714 days!


If you’ve been cheating on gym-time with lying on couch, Ronnie Brower’s inspiring weight loss journey may help you move your butt! The man’s transformed himself from a big, beefy, socially challenged person weighing 675lbs to an attractive, healthy youth of 250lbs. And this amazing feat was accomplished in a matter of 714 days! This speaks volumes of his commitment and focus, which allowed him to power through numerous struggles for a protracted period of almost two years.

At his heaviest, Ronnie Browser could not use a regular weighing scale to check his stats. He was unable to fit into movie hall seats or even chairs at sports’ venues. He lived the life as a social outcast, relying heavily on drugs and alcohol to cope with it all. A life-changing moment occurred however, when he went to meet Jeff Jones, a physician assistant in Upstate New York. Jones was brutally honest in telling him that his heart would not survive past 35 if the current state of affairs was to persist. This initially exacerbated his suicidal tendencies, causing him to post an alarming status on Facebook. The power of social media is such that he received much needed help from an old friend who helped arrange for the assistance he needed.


Gina D’Addario is the cousin Nick Murphy who runs Mission Fitness in collusion with Jill Rupert. Gina facilitated communication between Ronnie and these fitness experts, who insisted on the assurance of absolute commitment on Browser’s part, before taking on his training. It is only when Ronnie contacted them personally that the three of them joined hands to fix his life. In fact, Murphy and Rupert offered to help him free of cost, as long as Ronnie remained true to his ambition. Ronnie agreed and then there was looking back at all.

By his own admission, Ronnie knew that even as the journey would be tough, he knew he would pull through. He claims that “At the beginning, I never worried that I wasn’t going to lose all the weight.” It is perhaps this spirit of self-belief and mental strength that allowed him to persevere, one painful exercise to the next. And it’s not just his workout that the fitness-expert-duo helped Ronnie with. They helped him evolve low-carb eating habits, invited him over on holiday for healthy meals and socialising and were there beside him at momentous events like when he was able to watch a movie at a hall after years, and attend an athletics’ event at Carrier Dome.

Once Ronnie began reclaiming his life from the jaws of obesity, every aspect of his life received a positive impetus. He rejoined the Church. He began dating Andrea Massella who is as passionate about fitness as him. And the biggest achievement was the drastic change he made to his former lifestyle that was restricted to drinking, getting high and being unproductive. But all this was only possible because Ronnie did not waver in his resolve and had brilliant guidance available to him from the owners of Mission Fitness.

The best part is, Ronnie has two new goals in his life; one, to maintain and improve his fitness levels, and help others achieve the same. Not only has he inspired many similarly obese people to attempt losing all the weight, he also intends on taking up fitness training as a career. We can think of no one better to take on the task of helping people reform their body and mind in an astoundingly life-altering manner. All we can say is, kudos to Ronnie on his personal achievements and the noble cause he is taking up. May he be forever fit and also help others in their journey to optimal health.

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