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Looking at old personal snapshots can often be emotionally overwhelming. Looking at pictures from the past that have captured some aspect of human history can be even more moving. After all, going back to experiences that mark major events and moments which have brought us where we are today can affect us greatly. Some well-timed photography and historical realities make for very powerful pictures. Here are some photos from the past that are sure to incite a myriad of feelings in you. Don’t be surprised if you’ve never seen most of them – these rare snapshots aren’t in wide circulation. Keep in mind how much things have changed and how far we have progressed. While you may be astounded by some of the progress, we think you will also be shocked at how much there is left for us to do.

Photo of Statue of Liberty dating back to 1884 when the wonder was still under construction


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Commissioning the Statue of Liberty’s construction may be counted amongst the bravest projects in the history of the architectural world. The momentous decision was taken on April 21, 1865 at a public meeting in Glatigny, France. The attendees wished to celebrate the spirit of liberation and progress that the young republic of United States represented and to commemorate the anniversary of the abolition of slavery. The financing and execution of the statue’s construction, however, was not easy. Both France and the USA chipped in financially. The latter decision was made because, if the financing was a purely French undertaking, they would be responsible for maintenance too. The final product commemorates both the vision and the effort of both France and America in creating a beautiful, symbolic icon. What is born from trials and tribulations can sometime results in beautiful works of art that commemorate the struggles witnessed and give the future hope.

A priest offering condolence and prayers over the loss of Titanic victims (1912)

Source: Henry Aldridge & Son

Source: Source:HenryAldridge&Son


On the fateful night of April 14, 1912, collision with an iceberg caused the world’s then-largest passenger liner, The Titanic, to hasten to its untimely destruction. The snapshot shows a priest praying for the earliest victims of the tragic occurrence, even as other passengers scramble to escape the ship. The captain of Titanic, Edward J. Smith, had called for the unloading of the lifeboats at 12.05 am on April 15. As the lowest levels of the ship filled with water, stewards and crew members rushed from room to room on the decks above, rousing sleeping passengers, urging them into immediate action. As the roars of the gushing water became louder and louder, agitated passengers made a mad dash to the upper decks, hoping to make their way to safety. What has only come to light recently is the fact that it may have been fire that was the downfall of the titanic and not an iceberg. We may never know the true cause of this horrific accident, and sadly those who know the truth are likely to have perished with the ship.

A chance meeting of Helen Keller and Charlie Chaplin in 1919


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It was a moment of surreal wondrousness when Helen Keller met Charlie Chaplin back in 1919. There is little doubt, based on this captured moment, that this introduction would have been a special moment for both of them. This was not Keller’s first Kodak moment with an illustrious public figure though. The blind and deaf writer and advocate for the severely handicapped had been photographed with many a celebrity in her time, and these rendezvous’ are preserved in picture form in all their black and white brilliance. Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower, Rt. Hon. W Paling, Grace Coolidge and Alexander Graham Bell are just some of those who enjoyed the good fortune of making Keller’s acquaintance. One has to wonder about the influence Keller may have had on these influential historical figures, as Helen was often said to inspire those around her by her positive outlook on life, given her great difficulties.

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