24 News Anchors Who Will Make Your Jaw Drop


You can’t deny there are some serious good lookers in the TV news anchor world today, and the good news is… most of them have brains as well! These talented people come from all sorts of beginnings, from Harvard to ‘Big Brother’, from underpaid print journalist to political campaigns. This collection of pretty faces, and bods, has more than meets the eye candy. Who is your pick for YackYack’s most gorgeous news anchor?


Sara Carbonero – Telecinco, Portugal



Sara Carbonero is a Spanish journalist, dealing mostly in sports. You may remember that Carbonero was accused of distracting her boyfriend, Iker Casillas, with her good looks during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, resulting in Switzerland’s victory. She currently works on the reporting team for Oporto in Portugal.

Julie Banderas – Fox News



Julie Banderas is an American reporter of Columbian descent who currently works for Fox News. Her stellar reporting skills has built her a strong base of viewers, although it is likely that many also tune in for stunning appearance.

Megyn Kelly – Fox News



A former corporate defense attorney, Megyn Kelly is known across America as a respected journalist on the Fox News Channel. She’s on TIME magazine list as one of the 100 most influential people and has a $10 million book deal for a publication about her own life. Popular lady.

Vanessa Huppenkothen – ESPN Mexico



Working for ESPN Mexico as a sports reporter and presenter, it’s no surprise that Vanessa worked as a model while she studied. Just look at that body! After around 10 years covering all sorts of football matches, both local and international, Vanessa moved to ESPN Mexico in 2016.

Charissa Thompson – NBC



Fox Sports 1 and NBC are lucky to have such an attractive sportscaster, obviously giving some more than one reason to tune in. Due in part to her excellent journalistic skills, Thompson is also easily recognized as a co-host on the syndicated show, Extra, as well.

Britt McHenry – ESPN



Based in DC, Britt McHenry is a sportscaster for ESPN. While she is highly recognizable due to her sunny blonde looks, she is also remembered for speaking out against rude behavior toward women in the media industry.

Samantha Ponder – ESPN College Football



Samantha Ponder is usually recognized as being the replacement for Erin Andrews on College Game Daily. She is also a basketball sideline reporter, where her looks have been known to be a distraction from the sport on more than one occasion.

Ariane Brodier – M6, France



Ariane, as well as being totally hot, is a presenter in France. In her career, she has been the face of many music shows, teens programs, and even a nature documentary!  But she got serious after completing a meteorology course, and she is now the weather girl on M6 in France.

Kristina Fitzpatrick – Fox Sports



Kristina Fitzpatrick reports on the Atlanta Braves for Fox Sports South. She is also a fitness enthusiast, which shows in her toned body. Fitzpatrick also likes to give back, and she is involved in many charitable organizations.

Jill Nicolin – WCBS-TV



Traffic reporter and weather girl on WLNY-TV and WCBS-TV in America, Jill has had a patchwork career that includes, modeling, small acting roles in films and TV shows, and reality TV star and winner of ‘Married by America’. She now concentrates on the show ‘Live From The Couch’ and is an ambassador for many charities and goodwill missions.

Sugey Abrego – Channel 4, Mexico



Known for her low cut tops and tightest of tight shorts, Sugey Abrego from Channel 4 in Mexico is naturally a fan favorite. She started out as an actress but is probably most famous for a live ‘wardrobe malfunction’ on air where her shorts were a little too tight in all the important areas.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck – The View



You may first recognize Elizabeth not for her 10 years working as a co-host of the popular American television talk show ‘The View’, but because she came fourth place on the second ever series of Survivor.

Erin Andrews – ABC News



A sports commentator, reporter, and huge football fan, Erin currently hosts America’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ on the ABC. She is also a sideline reporter here and there for FOX NFL.

Melissa Theuriau – M6, France



In 2006, the Daily Express voted the world’s most beautiful news reporter none other than French reporter Melissa Theuriau. She works for M6 as a news anchor and reporter.

Abby Huntsman – Fox Network



Abby shot to fame as political adviser for own father’s presidential campaign in 2012. Currently, that beautiful smile hosts Fox and Friends on the FOX network.

Gaby Ramirez – Mexico



Gaby Ramirez is a TV personality whose credits include “Fuego en la sangre”. She describes herself as a rebel, and says her best training is her “day to day” life.

Mary Gamarra – Telemundo NBC



Mary Gamarra is not just a weather girl, she is a journalist with 15 years experience reporting and interviewing lots of important people. She now works for Telemundo NBC.

Pamela David – Desayuno Americano, Argentina



Another host to come from the reality TV circuit, Argentinean Pamela David now hosts America TV on Desayuno Americano, Argentina.

Kimberly Guilfoyle – Fox News



Oh, Kimberly! One of the most gorgeous brunettes on American News Screens, this lady knows her stuff. Kimberly Guilfoyle works for Fox News on American cable TV, as well as contributing to many other programs as a guest and host. She’s had a career as a legal analyst and commentator, studied at Law school, and, has done some lingerie modeling on the side.

Alicia Menendez – ABC



Alicia has worked as a reporter, host, and writer for all the big TV news stations in America and is currently the host of ‘Come Here and Say That’.

Jenna Lee – Fox News



Jenna Lee is the co-host for Happening Now with Jon Scott on the Fox News Channel. While she is now married to a former Navy seal, many still tune in to witness her infectious, bubbly personality and her sparkling looks.

Harris Faulkner – LA Weekly



Starting out as a business writer for the LA Weekly, Harris has come a long way to now anchoring many programs on the FOX network. She has 6 Emmy Awards and has no signs of slowing down with her collection.

Brooke Baldwin – CNN



Destined to be a reporter after a double bachelor’s in journalism, Brooke host the daily CNN newsroom and is known for her fit lifestyle and love of long boots!

Dana Perino – Fox News



This blonde beauty was the 27th white house secretary, serving president George W. Bush. The stunning, and extremely clever, Dana Perino has seen a lot. Her previous job automatically makes her perfect for the position of political correspondent for FOX News but she also teaches at George Washington University and has worked as an Editorial Director for the Crown Publishing Group. Clever AND beautiful!

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