Incredible Weight Loss: Mayra Rosales’ Journey To Losing 80% Fat


There are many fat-to-fit stories one comes across every other day, but nothing compares to that of Mayra Rosales. She was the heaviest living woman recorded, having been 1,036 lb or 470 kg at her heaviest. Popular by the name of “Half-Ton Killer”, her journey is intriguing and inspiring in equal measure.

The Beginning


Mayra Rosales came into public eye in 2008 when she confessed to having accidentally killed her nephew, having crushed him with her arm while trying to lift him up. Autopsy reports soon rendered her claims invalid, for the 2-year-old had died due to multiple injuries to the head.

It was soon revealed that her younger sister had committed the crime and Mayra had taken the blame to protect her sibling alongside having “given up on life anyway”. The entire legal experience however turned her life around.

When she was first arrested, the police had to cut a hole through her bedroom wall to carry her to court on a stretcher. While this was perhaps one of the most bizarre arrests made in history, this tale of her physical incapacity is just the tip of the iceberg.

A Will to Lose

When she was at her heaviest, Mayra had trouble moving herself even minutely. She was unable to perform any activity and required assistance even for washing herself and maintaining personal hygiene.

In fact, the situation got so bad that she developed painful, large bed sores on many parts of the body. Since she was confined to the bed at all times, this was but natural; in her case, the discomfort with debilitating and difficult to remedy.

She clearly needed to change the realities of her existence. And the will to lose weight arose with conviction post her acquittal in 2011. Her life took a turn for the better, and the awe-inspiring transformation of Mayra began, covered and catalogued by TLC.

The First Step


Before she could adopt a diet and exercise regime, Mayra needed to get rid of some of body mass in order to facilitate the same. Surgery needed to be formed, and it took over a dozen doctors, nurses and orderlies to get her to the operating table.

Ever since 2011, she has undergone 11 surgical procedures for weight loss, including a bypass surgery to keep her healthy. Once significant amount of her bulk had been removed, her recovery began in full measure. She began walking with the help of physical aids and several assistants and once she was on her feet, there was absolutely no looking back!

All the Effort


Once she was suitably fit to take up physical exercise, Mayra began working on her body in earnest. Alongside having a regular fitness regime, she began following a diet that would be conducive to her weight-loss goals.

By her own admission, in her early life, she was “living to eat”. Now she believes that she has to “eat to live” and food consumption is “just something normal.” A fresh perspective and new, improved lifestyle are the twin pillars on which Mayra’s victory stands.

The Journey Continues


Recent reports suggest that Mayra hit the healthy mark of 90 kg (198 lbs), much to her pride and pleasure. She is neither diabetic, nor suffering from high cholesterol or high blood pressure. This woman who shed about 80% of her body weight thus claims with much alacrity, “Now I’m okay and my organs are perfect.”

Mayra’s Life Today


What needs to be highlighted is that in choosing to overcome her health issues with purposive action, Mayra also experienced a reformation in every aspect of her life. Today, she shares a wonderful romance with her boyfriend and has also become a social-media-star, motivating more and more people every day.

Mayra herself believes that her journey is not yet over, even as she is now at peace with the state of her body; she shall continue to strive for a fitter, healthier self.

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