Cakes So Cool, You Don’t Want to Eat Them


Lego Wedding Cake

Those have to be some hard-core Lego-Lovers who design a cake like this for their wedding! At least we know their married life will never be boring – they’ll always have Lego to fall back on.

Fruit and Veggies Cake

For those who want to their cake to at least look healthy even as it is full of rich, sinful goodies, this fruit-and-veggies cake will be absolutely perfect.

Library Cake

Are books your one true love? Is the library the place your fantasies are made of? Then you’ll want this Library Cake like dogs want bones.

Strawberries and Cream Gravity-Defying Cake


Here’s a cake with some serious dramatic potential! It’s wonderful gravity defying jug and matching base bowl look as good; almost as good as the strawberries-and-cream combo tastes.

Polo-Shirts’-Stack Cake

Love those chic Polo shirts that have redefined casual-wear all over? Well, you have a double treat in store then – a delicious cake, masquerading as a stack of Polo Shirts! Ah, the mind reels!

Satchel Cake

This cake is the perfect treat for the girl-next-door who loves her big brown satchel, the hot cuppa with cookies and of course, delicious donuts!

The Mad Hatter Cake


Alice in Wonderland fans will drool over this elaborate cake which recreates the magic of The Mad Hatter’s awesomeness!

Ice Age Cake

If you loved the movie, you’ll love the cake. You’ll love it so much, you’ll almost not eat it. Almost. Enough said.

Dragon Cake

The fiery mythical creatures don’t just make for good fiction – they look fantastic in cake form too! But I’m sure they’d taste somewhat different than this delicious, creamy cake.

Sweet Delights Cake


Those who have a taste for everything that is sweet will love this sight of this cake. Just look at it – it is a cake made and decorated with sweet delights like cupcakes, lollipops, ice creams and candies. Yum!

Pigs in the Mud Cake

Is there any sight more adorable than three little pigs lounging in mud? Oh yes there is – a cake that looks like three little pigs lounging in the mud!

Foodie’s Delight Cake

For those big eaters out there who relish just about everything that is edible, this cake is like their wildest fantasy come alive. That too in cake form. Life is just perfect some times, eh?



Big fan of the Lord of the Rings series? This cake will have both your mouth and your brain salivating. Food for thought, anyone?

Gravity-Defying Beer Can Cake

The visual of a beer can being poured into a large, woody mug is oh-so-amazing. And when recreated as a gravity-defying cake, you’re not so sure you want to eat the beauty and destroy it!

The Bridal Blues

This wedding cake with a blue bride is surely mysterious. What does it mean? The bride is blue with nervousness? Is she sick (of the man, presumably) already? Or is the cake just something she borrowed?

Pugs Cake


Who doesn’t love cute, furry pugs? This cake is a tribute to the cuteness of the furry beauties and we have to congratulate the baker on their close observation of them. You a dog lover too, chef?

Mean Monster Cake

This cake is perfect for those who love zombies and monsters and everything gory. A monster eating a mini monster – does it get anymore more gruesome than that?

Harry Potter Spell Book Cake

There are two kinds of people in the world – those who love the Harry Potter series and those who don’t. This cake will appeal to the cooler ones.

Anti-Gravity Maltesers and M&M’s


If you love to chew on these addictive treats, you’ll never be able to resist this cake. It is a treat for the eyes and the tastebuds!

The Ultimate Lego Man

This cake is for the Ultimate Lego-Lover who can walk Legos, talk Legos and Eat Legos, all day long.

Baseball Cake

Every sporty dude would find this cake to be the perfect reflection of baseball fandom. What else do baseball lovers live for – the stadium, the scoreboard and the snacks. Check, check and check!

Shrimp Noodle Bowl Cake


South Asian food is yummy beyond belief. And the one who made this cake, clearly agrees with us. Look at how lovingly he/she recreated every detail from the noodles to the veggies and the egg. Don’t you just want to dig in?

Game of Thrones Cake

If you’re hooked to the Game of Throne series, you’ll be hooked to this cake too. The throne replica on the top looks like a miniature stolen off of the sets! Kudos to the pastry chef on getting that so right!

Mario and Bride Cake

This cake celebrates the legacy of Mario, his Mushroom kingdom and every gamer who loved them. If there was a video-game museum, this cake would be the centre piece!

Barrel and Bottle Cake


Who doesn’t love the sight of beer bottles chilling in an icy barrel? We do, for sure. Which is why we can’t get our eyes off this cake!

Elephant Toy Cake

We all had our favourite soft-toys and God! Did we love them or what? This cake, with the lifelike elephant teddy and cutesy handkerchief, just stole our hearts away. Nostalgia, nostalgia!

Subwich Cake

Health-food junkie, are you? This subwich cake will have you salivating. Maybe not as healthy as the veggie-filled goodies you like, it is sure to be a tasty treat. Have a bite, live a little!

Movie Mania Cake


Any true movie buff would probably do anything to get their hands on this cake. From the giant reels to the star pops and popcorn – what’s not to love?!

Hydrangea Bouquet Cake

Beautiful as this cake it, best not send it over to someone as a surprise. It’s so realistically done, it may be mistaken for an actual bouquet of hydrangeas!

Camera Cake

For all those who love to click pictures or get photographed, this cake is sure to please! After all, it is their favourite object in cake form!

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