Aurora Borealis: 82 Amazing Pictures Of The Northern Lights


Aurora Borealis are one of the most stunning natural phenomena you can have the good fortune to witness. Seen and captured over the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemisphere, auroral displays manifest as streams of light in the sky that have multicoloured strands. For people who are used a blue, black and on some rare occasions orange sky, seeing hues of blue, green, pink, red and yellow is certainly a sight to behold. Here are some of the most beautiful aurora borealis ever captured. Feast your eyes!

Sky Glowing In Craven After A Severe Storm Displaying A Stunning Aurora Borealis

A green-blue Aurora Borealis lights up the sky in a Cavern, a small district in North Yorkshire, England, standing testament to nature’s many wonders. The stunning medley of beautiful colours, complemented by an equally picturesque cottage in the foreground makes this snapshot incredibly striking. One realizes the captivating power that natural phenomenon wield when confronted by pictures such as these. It wouldn’t be surprising if an ignorant individual would assume this to be a digitally altered snapshot as opposed to a genuine picture that’s simply a well-timed click.

Green Aurora Stretching Across The Michigan Sky On 17 March 2015

The residents of Michigan were spellbound by the appearance of a green Aurora Borealis in the sky on March 17, 2015. As nature displayed its awe-inspiring beauty, a fortunate audience of city dwellers enjoyed the sight. The human figure in the picture represents the sheer insignificance of our being in the vastness of the mysterious universe. One may not know what an Aurora Borealis but being privy to this wondrous sighting would surely remind every individual of nature’s supremacy over man.

The blue lagoon, the awesome landscape and those Northern Lights in Iceland

It was a moment to behold when a colourful Aurora Borealis stretched across the skies of Northern Iceland, making for an invaluable snapshot from The Blue Lagoon vantage. This picture is such that captures not just this marvellous natural phenomenon but the inexorable beauty of Iceland’s landscape. From the stars twinkling in the sky, to the multihued presence of the Aurora Borealis, there is nothing in the frame that isn’t mind-numbingly gorgeous.

Northern Lights Captured In Michigan


Michigan is a blessed locale where a beautiful blue-green Aurora Borealis manifested, only to immortalized in this spectacular snapshot. The ice-capped terrain foregrounds the striking feat of nature’s brilliance, thus creating a moment that is both surreal and mesmerising.

A Stunning Capture Of Aurora Borealis over Lyngen, Norway

It was a night of good fortune for the residents of Lyngen, Norway, when this exquisite depiction of nature’s many marvels graced the sky. The purple-hued Aurora Borealis captured in this picture incites a sense of disbelief; is this real? could such beauty really exist? The answer is positive and photographic evidence is right there in front of you. Though one would rather be amongst the privileged few who get to see an Aurora Borealis in person, others can feast their eyes on this splendid snapshot.

Aurora Borealis Over The Sea

The Northern Lights showing off their stunning reflections in the sea. Such unexpectedly hearty display of auroras over the sea is just magical! It is safe to say that the photographer not just enjoyed a truly extraordinary sight, but managed to bring into the world, a new benchmark of commendable nature photography.

Magic In The Sky – Chasing Northern Lights In Iceland


A visit to Iceland grants you the key to some of the world’s best aurora borealis. It is indeed one of the best places to catch glimpse of spectacular lights dancing in the night. Look at the photograph captured – isn’t it just gorgeous! A remote, empty road lit by the beautiful green lights. Iceland is truly a photographer’s paradise.

Canada’s Snow-Covered Mountains Shimmering In Blue And White Aurora Borealis

An Aurora, a natural display of light in the sky, makes for a picturesque sight – more importantly, when it is a rare blue colored aurora. Such a setting will definitely make the passerby stop, pause, and look up at the scintillating sky. This is a beautiful picture taken in Canada where the snow-covered mountains are glistening in blue and white aurora borealis. Don’t you just want to be here!

Rare, Bright Red Aurora Lights Up In The Arkansas Skies

A colossal solar ejection on Oct.24, 2011 at about 2 PM led to strong magnetic field fluctuations around the earth surface resulting in aurora borealis in the Arkansas skies. The aurora was seen in the U.S as far south as Alabama. This photograph was taken by Yvette Thomas in in Independence, Mo. Such red aurora is not as common as green aurora; however they can occur in lower altitudes like where the shot was taken.

Aurora Borealis And A Shooting Star As Seen From Sullivan Lake


A view of striking, green aurora over the shores of Sullivan Lake is a nothing less than magic. Do note the shooting star half way through and snow in the foreground. Can you ask for anything more? This astounding shot was captured by Craig Goodwin, an outdoor photographer. With one wish coming true (watching an aurora borealis), one could certainly wish upon a star again!

Beautifully Captured Northern Lights At Pingvellir

The joy of witnessing the Northern Lights is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for almost everybody. This image of auroral activity happening at Pingvellir National Park, Iceland was taken on 24. Jan 2014 by Dave Wong. Looks like the sky beholds vast mysteries that are ready to unravel!

Northern Lights In Its Full Glory In Ireland

The elusive glow of the aurora borealis overlooking the Inishowen Peninsula is a vision. This auroral show in Ireland is simply spectacular! No amount of spinning disco balls or lasers can match the sky show created by Mother Nature herself. It indeed looks like the best light show the country has seen in years.

Nicely Captured Aurora Borealis At Lugnvik In April 2012


Magnus Lögdberg was an extremely fortunate photographer at the correct place and correct time as the auroral activity was taking place at Lugnvik. This wonderful vision of Northern Lights was captured in his lens on 13. April 2012.

Astounding View Of Green Auroras Dancing Over Earth On June 11, 2015 (By NASA)

A magnificent picture of The Earth taken by astronaut Terry W. Virts, who beautifully captured the glow of the sunrise. Green auroras can be seen dancing over the curvature of earth. This picture was taken on June 10, 2015 that was Terry’s last day in space before landing on a Soyuz spacecraft.

Earth’s Aurora Captured By Astronaut Scott Kelly (By NASA)

Astronaut Scott Kelly captured stunning images of a red aurora which occurred due to a solar storm. Taken from the international Space Station, this was a rare phenomenon to be captured in the last decade.

Aurora Borealis Captured In The Outer Space


Spectacular Shot Of Northern Lights Taken In Harstad, Norway

An Impressive Shot Of Aurora Borealis Of Lofoten

Breathtaking Northern Lights Caught In North Hampshire By Astrophotographer Matt Mileone on June 23, 2015.


Northern lights Over The Frozen River Torne

Aurora Borealis Over Derwent, UK

Northern Lights Showcase In Toronto


Gorgeous Display Of Aurora Borealis Taken In Stockholm, Sweden

Fascinating Northern Lights Dancing In Alesund Skies, Norway (Shot Taken By Stian Rekdal)

Aurora Borealis Captured Amazingly By Yuichi Takasaka


Stunning Borealis Over Greenland

A Glimpse Of Northern Lights Illuminating The Frosty Skies Above Svalbard. Photograph Taken By Frode Ramone

Aurora Borealis Dancing In The Maine Skies


Charming Flashes Of Aurora Borealis In Finland

Purple And Pink Northern Lights Display Taken In Canada

Northern Lights In Norway


Northern Lights Lightening Up The Alaska Skies Over The Brooks Mountain Range

Wonders Of The Northern Lights Brightening Salangen, Norway

Best Aurora Borealis Display In Europe


Stunning Northern Lights Timelapse In Grand Teton National Park, WY

Powerful Aurora Display At Crown Point in the Columbia River Gorge Taken On 23rd, March 2015

A Colorful Display Of Northern Lights In September, 2014


Aurora Borealis In Tromso, Northern Norway (Indeed The Best Place To See Northern Lights)

Alaskan Skies Lit By Northern Lights

Great Northern Lights Viewing In Scotland


Northern Lights Display Over Pyramid Mountain In Jasper, Alberta

Beautiful Northern Lights Over Calgary

Sky Dominated By Northern Lights Captured Beautifully By Yuichi Takasaka


Aurora Borealis Captured Over Portage River Valley

A Spectacular Northern Lights Show Going Down To Illinois


A Magnificent Northern Light Display At Knik River In Alaska


A Mind-blowing Capture Of Aurora Borealis In South Iceland By Vilhelm Gunnarsson

World’s Most Amazing Light Show In Canada

Northern Lights Appear As A Cluster Of Diverging Rays Of Light


Northern Lights On Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Aurora Borealis Captured Awesomely Over Schwatka Lake, Yukon, Canada

Wonderful Light-Show By John A Hemmingsen


Striking Green And Blue Hues Captured In Covill, Minnesota

Aurora Borealis Ignited Over Canada’s Skies

Striking Display Of Northern Lights Canada


Northern Lights Show In Dorset

Intensive Light Show Up The Night Sky Over CoveSea Lighthouse In Scotland

Fabulous Capture Of Aurora Over Prestatyn


Dazzling Northern Lights Over Finland Captured By Pekka Sakki

Amazing Auroral Show In Ireland

Aurora Borealis Lightening Up Skogafoss Waterfall


Spectacular Northern Lights Lightening Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Impressive Light Show Over UK

Visually Striking Northern Lights Over Lake Ontario, New York


Northern Lights Seen From Western Australia

Amazing Northern Lights Captured Over Aberdeen By Jim Henderson

Northern Lights Lining The Skies in Kulosaari, Finland


Aurora Borealis Captured Above Caithness In The Highlands Over Scotland

Stunning Aurora Borealis Shines Over North Dakota

Vivid Green And White Aurora Borealis Show In The Fairbanks Alaska Skies


Aurora Borealis Shining Over Derwentwater, Keswick

Icelandic Auroral Show Over Jokulsarlon

When Northern Lights Came To Britain And Made A Spectacular Show


Incredible Aurora Show And Blue Lagoon In Reykjavik Skyline

Northern Lights Captured Over The Kjell Henriksen Observatory in Svalbard, Norway In 2010

Green Auroral Show Over Tasmania


Sweden’s Abisko National Park Glowing In The Aurora Lights

Northern Lights Set The Northwest Territories In Canada Aglow

Northern Lights Over Colorado Captured By Bryce Bradford


Clear Arctic Skies Captured During Aurora Borealis

Stunning Northern Lights Show In Finland

Mystic Northern Lights Show


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