Aurora Borealis: 82 Amazing Pictures Of The Northern Lights


Aurora Borealis are one of the most stunning natural phenomena you can have the good fortune to witness. Seen and captured over the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemisphere, auroral displays manifest as streams of light in the sky that have multicoloured strands. For people who are used a blue, black and on some rare occasions orange sky, seeing hues of blue, green, pink, red and yellow is certainly a sight to behold. Here are some of the most beautiful aurora borealis ever captured. Feast your eyes!

Sky Glowing In Craven After A Severe Storm Displaying A Stunning Aurora Borealis


A green-blue Aurora Borealis lights up the sky in a Cavern, a small district in North Yorkshire, England, standing testament to nature’s many wonders. The stunning medley of beautiful colours, complemented by an equally picturesque cottage in the foreground makes this snapshot incredibly striking. One realizes the captivating power that natural phenomenon wield when confronted by pictures such as these. It wouldn’t be surprising if an ignorant individual would assume this to be a digitally altered snapshot as opposed to a genuine picture that’s simply a well-timed click.

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