60+ Powerful Photos of War That’ll Leave You Speechless


The life of a soldier is impossible to describe in words, harrowing to experience live. Here are some photos which capture some aspects of the challenging life these unsung heroes lead in the military.

US troops wade through fierce waters on D-Day – June 6, 1944 in Normandy.


Source: cbsnews1.cbsistatic.com

During World War II, D-Day will forever go down in history as the day Allied troops invaded France, which was currently occupied by Nazi Germany. This amphibious invasion included troops from Canada, the United States, Britain and areas of France.

The invasion technically began the evening before, while parachutes landed and air attacks were orchestrated. Early the next morning, boats landed on five different beaches, with the codenames of Omaha, Sword, Utah, Juno and Gold. Landings of this nature during war had not occurred by crossing the English Channel in over eight centuries.

The defeat of the Germans was one of the largest during the entire war, and the invasion of Normandy lessened the German’s hold on a large portion of France, along with assisting the Soviets on their battlefront.

The Normandy beaches are still referred to by their codenames used during the invasion, and the streets are named after the units that fought in the area.

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