30 Things You NEED To Do Before Turning 30


It is good to turn 30 years old as a fulfilled and happy person. Luckily, your twenties are an amazing period in life to still enjoy youth and gain experiences that help you grow and will be useful in the future. Take a look at our list of things to do before 30!


As much as possible. When you don’t have commitments like a full-time job, family with children and a mortgage, it is good to visit locations all over the world. Don’t make plans, but do travel on a budget and experience different things, tastes, and smells. Gain experiences that nobody can take away from you for the rest of your life.

Skinny dip

Do it only because it is something different and extraordinary. It helps you feel younger, like when you were a teenager and did crazy, spontaneous things with your friends. Why not become a teenager again?

Date different people

In your twenties you should learn about yourself and what you like in different people. Meeting with many different people will help you find out what you need from your potential partner. Marriage is a long time commitment and before making that commitment it is good to know if you chose the right person for you. Experience with dating different people will make it easier for you!

Polish your skills


Find out what you are good at and master it. Polishing your skills can help you to improve your career but also makes you more self-confident.

Act like a child

Roll on the green grass. Build a sand castle. Jump on the paddles . In your twenties everything seems to be so serious: graduate, find a job, settle down. Don’t lose the spontaneous and childlike joy of life that you used to have.

Party until sunrise

Go out with your friends and have fun until the sun rises. Use your youth as often as possible. When you have children in the future, your priorities will change. And, what is more, you will be more able to understand your kids when they reach their twenties.

Learn a new language


Start to learn a new language in your twenties for a few reasons. It can help you with travelling and can improve your career. Scientists have also proven that speaking a few languages helps your mental health in the future. Trust us, you will not have time for that in your thirties. Do it now.


Find the time and energy to do something for others without asking for anything in return. It can be something in your neighbourhood or hometown like helping in an animal shelter or another charity. You can also look for volunteer jobs somewhere in the world, for example teach English in Africa. There are a lot of opportunities to give yourself to others!

Take part in a day long music festival

Buy a ticket and live it up! There is a specific energy between people who participate in music festivals that is known only while you are young and strong enough to party for few days in a row.

Move out from your parents’ house


Move to a dormitory while you study or rent a room or a flat. Cook, clean and do shopping for yourself. Learn how to share your time between work, house duties and your free time before you settle down. Surviving without your parents’ help is easier than you think!

Travel alone

Travel solo just to spend time with yourself. Find out what you like and what annoys you. Learn how to listen to your inner self and your needs. Spend time only with your thought. Don’t make compromises, please only yourself. Travelling solo is an experience that will help you grow and as a result benefit yourself and the others.

Learn how to organise your budget

Doesn’t sound fun, right? But it will be extremely useful later. Take control of your spending. Figure out how much your living really costs. Find out where you can save some money and start paying off your student loans and credit card debt if you have any. It is one of the most important skills in your whole life, so take care of it now.

Step out of your comfort zone


Stepping out from your comfort zone is not something to be done just once. There can be many things that normally frighten you. Try to overcome them as soon as possible. Leave your comfort zone regularly. At the beginning, it can be difficult but the feeling of improving yourself is really addictive!

Try manual labour

Do it in your early twenties to earn some money for holidays. It will give you respect for people who work hard but also will help you to understand that this is something you probably don’t want to do for the rest of your life. As a result, you will be more determined to look for a career that you will enjoy.

Make money from your own business

Follow your own path and create something that will fill the gap in the market. Even if nobody believes in your idea, do it. You will learn how it feels to be your own boss and work a few jobs with different duties at once. If it works out, you’ll be satisfied. If not, don’t give up and look for something else!

Bet $100 on roulette


Another thing to try, just to see how it feels. Bet $100 in a roulette game on either a black or red color. If you lose, walk away and don’t take a second chance. If you win, leave the table or play again to double your winnings. Just don’t lose your original $100!

Visit your family or friends when they don’t expect it

Be spontaneous and surprise you loved ones, especially if you live in another city. You will be surprised how much happiness it can bring to you and others.

Learn how to cook

You don’t have to be a professional cook, just learn how to prepare a few dishes for special occasions or a nice dinner for your family and friends. Cooking for others or with others can be really enjoyable!

Apply for a dream job


Only because it is a dream job. Is there anything better than making money on what you really enjoy?

Run in a marathon or climb a mountain

Or do something else, it doesn’t have to be an extreme sport. The point is to set a goal and push yourself physically. Do something that you are not used to. When you finish, you will feel accomplished and proud of yourself. And nothing will seem insurmountable ever again.

Study or work abroad

Take a chance to study or work in a different country. Live there. Learn about different customs, meet new people. Gain the experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Change jobs


Many times. It will teach you what job you love, what you can do, what you can stand, what you hate and what you should never do again. It will help you to deal with different duties and also different people.

Jump with a parachute or on a bungee cord

Or do something else that will give you a shot of adrenaline. Mostly recommended for those who normally prefer a calm way of living. Just do something crazy!


Take a pen and write down anything that bothers your mind. Write a diary or a story. Be involved with your emotions in the writing. Don’t keep your problems in your head, let them out on a paper.

Learn the history of your family


Ask your grandparents about their childhood, learn what countries your ancestors came from. Draw a family tree. Write down the best memories. Keep it and read it again in 20-30 years to your children.


You don’t have to be talented, just do it. Sing when you are happy and when you are sad. Psychologists have proven that singing has a positive effect on our soul and emotions as it releases endorphins. So don’t be shy. Just do it anytime you want!

Don’t make plans

Everybody says to set goals for the future, right? Let yourself be flexible and spontaneous. You never know what life will give you and who you will meet. You cannot plan everything. Always live in the present.

Get a tattoo


Tattoos are not for everyone but if you are considering getting one, do it before turning thirty! Later on you start to think that you are already too old for something like a tattoo. If you really want one, do it in your twenties!

Be fit

Attend a gym, go swimming, cycle, or dance. Make it your routine and enjoy it. Work out now so you will be fit and healthy later. Being active is not only good for your body but also for your mind!

Forgive yourself for mistakes

If you still blame yourself for something that happened in the past, let it go. It is normal to make mistakes and miss opportunities. Forgive yourself and move on. Don’t hold negative emotions in you and treat yourself good. Start a new decade of your life with happiness.

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