20 Gorgeous Gay Celebs Who’ve Played Straight On Screen


Putting on a persona different from one’s own is something actors are masters at. But when you have to play a straight character when you’re actually gay, it is doubly challenging. It happens all the time though and Hollywood has a fair number of celebs who are openly gay but manage to give brilliantly convincing performances as straight characters. Perhaps that is one of the reasons many people are unaware of their sexual orientation for a long time. So read on to find out the various gay celebrities who’ve played straight on-screen and done one hell of a job at it!

Portia de Rossi


Source: imgur.com

The wife of uber-popular talk-show host Ellen Degeneres, Portia is known for having played straight in Arrested Development, Scandal, Ally McBeal and other TV shows. She was married to filmmaker Mel Metcalfe for 5 years till 2001 but began dating Ellen in 2004.

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