18 Animals That Are Likely To Become Extinct Before You Die


As part of the human race, we all think about when the apocalypse will happen. While such musings are based on vague wonderings about the future of the earth, there are some things we are factually aware of; such as the numerous animal species that are soon to be extinct. Yes, there are a vast number of animals that are most likely to become extinct in the lifetime of the living generations! Now isn’t that truly alarming? And of course, human agency is undeniably involved in the arrival of such a state. So don’t be surprised if you are suddenly confronted with a world where the following animals are wiped out of existence.

Hooded Seals


Source: www.oceansoffun.org

Currently existent only in some areas of the Central and Western Atlantic, Hooded Seals were hunted for their leather and oil products before the 1940s. Ever since then, they are not hunted so purposefully – most killings occur due to subsistence hunting or as by-catch.

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