14 Fancy Foods That Used To Be Eaten by Poor


The world is changing quickly and so are our eating habits. Every day new studies find something right or wrong with the food items that have been around for ages. This trend has given new life and fashionable status to foods that were earlier for the masses and ordinary folk, completely ignored by the rich and famous. Now, they are delicacies that the stars consume. Here’s a list of 15 such foods.


This vegetable that has traditionally been used more in sweet preparations like cakes, bakes and pies, was very popular in pre-WWII times. Post the war, it wasn’t so widely used anymore until the dawn of the 21st century when celebrity chefs began experimenting with it again. Rhubarb has made a comeback and can now be spotted on menus of fine-dining restaurants, just about everywhere.

Silver Beets

Though silver beets have been used extensively in Mediterranean cooking for a long time, it is in recent times that it has come to be so in vogue across the globe. Its leafy goodness is supposed to have many health benefits and the health-food industry has been making much use of it in salads, side dishes and savoury bakes.

Lamb cuts

These flesh-poor lamb cuts were never very popular. I mean, who would want to eat lamb shanks over other fleshy bits of meat. Shanks were the left-over cuts that those who couldn’t afford other cuts ate. Today, the lean nature of this meat cut has made it mainstay for weight-watching celebrities.



It is amazing how avocados have become a superfood today, when for years and years, they were completely shunned by celebs in particular for being too fatty. In recent times however, you can barely find health-food recipes, both sweet and savoury, that don’t use avocado. Naturally, it is now more expensive and a staple in many celebrity diets.



Go back a century and the poorest of the lot were the only ones eating oats. They were a budget food that was hardly appetising and distinctly flavourless. Today, oats are touted for having superior nutritive qualities, being low in fat and high in fibre. Everything delicious – from breads and bakes to cakes and cookies – uses oats as the core ingredient today.


Bran of any grain, be it wheat, barley or oats, has traditionally been considered inedible. Not literally inedible, but simply unnecessary to eat for it adds nothing flavour-wise but adds a coarse quality to wheat products. But now, fibre-rich bran is especially sought after to make preparations more wholesome and healthy.



Of all dry fruits, walnuts were earlier considered to be most lowly. Who would go for those brain-shaped oddities when raisins, pistachios and cashews exist? Turns out, walnuts are all anyone wants now. They are loaded with healthy fats that allow people a feeling of fullness with the smallest helpings. Other than almonds, walnuts are the only nuts that health-freaks indulge in.

Herbal Teas

A staple in homes across south Asia since time immemorial, herbal teas have suddenly become so fashionable. Apart from the fact that they have numerous therapeutic qualities, they are mildly flavoured and make for great palate cleansers. If nothing else, strutting about with an herbal tea takeaway mug adds a touch of glamour to your turnout.

Low Fat Dairy

Earlier, low fat dairy such as skimmed milk, low-fat cream, etc were consumed by those who couldn’t afford any better. With the fitness revolution taking the world by storm since the 1950s, the sales for these less rich versions of milk and milk products have gone up. Today, these low-fat varieties cost more than ordinary full-cream dairy products!



Eggs have been a breakfast staple in most parts of the world for many, many centuries. And why not? They are simple to make, highly nutritious and nice tasting. In recent times, they have become even more popular with egg-whites-only preparations being celebrity favourites for healthy meals.

Unrefined Foods

From brown sugar and brown rice to whole grains and their products, everything unrefined is being touted as healthier than the refined versions today. A few decades ago, this was not how things worked – the coarser, unrefined varieties were for the less moneyed and the elite ate the exclusive, refined foods, which befit their social stature perfectly.


Flaxseed has never been as widely used in the food industry as it is today. It’s not like flaxseed wasn’t consumed before; only, the rationale has changed now. Its health benefits have made it a necessary ingredient in a lot of people’s diet. Athletes and bodybuilders swear by it, as do celebs who rock some killer abs.

Coconut Oil


Ah, coconut oil! What does one say about this versatile beauty that seems to be the answer to every problem in life? That who knew when their grandma was oiling their locks with it, coconut oil would soon be topping the food charts too. Yes, coconut oil is now being used heavily in both everyday cooking and desserts too, especially by those who are on a low carb, high fat diet.


Pumpkin was amongst the most pedestrian food items one would see lying around in their fridge at one time. Now, open any menu card at a fancy diner and you’re sure to see pumpkin popping up everywhere! From desserts to savoury pies, pumpkin can easily spice up boring dishes.

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