13 Surprising Celebs Who’ve Done Adult Feature Films


Over time, it starts to feel as if we actually “know” our favorite celebrities. After following their journeys on the silver screen and watching them take on role after role and character after character, we start to feel as if we get what they’re all about. We maybe even feel as if we understand them as individuals, not just as celebrities. However, the fact is that there are many things we don’t know about our idols. Before making it big, many took roles and jobs that they might not have accepted, had they known that they would one day be blasted under the microscope of super stardom. So, let’s take a look at a few celebrities who were also once in adult feature films, and see if you find any of your favorites on the list.


Jackie Chan


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Before seeing Jackie Chan in entertaining movies like Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon, as well as a slew of other family-friendly, comedy and action titles, it seems that Chan made a different type of movie altogether to make the ends meet. It became public knowledge back in 2006 that Jackie Chan was in an adult comedy that was made in Hong Kong, called All in the Family. The announcement of what most would see as embarrassing news didn’t really seem to affect Chan, as he shrugged it off as something he did as a young actor over 30 years ago.

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