100 Weird and Rare Animals from around the World


Bush Viper


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The bush viper is a venomous snake species found in the rainforests sub-Saharan Africa. Bush vipers are similar to the arboreal pit vipers of South America in appearance and are small in size with slender, compact bodies. Bush vipers like to hang around in trees in secluded areas and, thankfully, avoid human activity.



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A sloth is a medium-sized mammal that is also the world’s slowest known mammal. It is so slow that it takes around one month to digest one meal. They urinate or defecate only once a month.

Thorny Devil


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The thorny devil or Moloch horridus is a scary looking Australian lizard with two heads. Actually, one head is a fake that the thorny devil uses to trick predators when attacked. It presents its fake head by lowering its real one so predators go after the wrong one. Armed with two heads and a body covered in thorny spines, predators may want to look elsewhere for an easy meal!

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